How Do You Decide Which Room to Paint First in Santa Paula, CA? Bedrooms, Kitchen or Living Room?

When you move into a new home or you are ready to update the look of your home the best way to start is to paint the walls. A fresh coat of paint not only adds your own sense of style but it can also freshen up the look of the entire house. This is also a great time to decide what color scheme is right for you and what colors you want to use. A color consultant is a great way to find the right color and make sure that they all complement each other. Paint comes in many colors and finishes and knowing what you like in advance is really only half of the battle. There is then some preparation that goes into the walls before you can paint as well as moving the furniture out of the way. The painting is the last thing that is going to happen and sometimes it may seem like it wreaks havoc on your life. You are going to not be able to use each room that is being painted until the walls are dry and you place your furniture back down. That is why it is a great idea to have a plan on what rooms you want to have painted and in what order. McKay’s Painting lists the best paint room order.

Painting Bedrooms First

One of the best places to start when repainting your home is to do the bedrooms. You want to be able to move the furniture out of the way and have the rooms done so that they have the majority of the time to dry. The bedroom is often times a sanctuary that people like to go, close the door and enjoy. It is also where you get ready and sleep so the longer it is out of commission the harder it is on a person. When you start with the bedrooms you can have them done and back in working order quickly. Then you can keep the door closed so that the paint from the rest of the home stays out.

Should You Paint Kitchen First?

If the bedroom is a place that people like to go to find solace then the kitchen is the place to go for some interaction. Most people congregate in the kitchen while meals are being prepped and cooked. The kitchen is also often times attached to the dining room where the food is then enjoyed. You want to paint the kitchen as soon as possible as well so that you are not stuck eating out. It can be pricey to continue to buy food out while you are not able to cook in your kitchen. The faster the work is done in the kitchen the better for your health and pocketbook.

Painting Living Room Last

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