How Do You Avoid Living Room Interior Decorating Mistakes in Santa Barbara, CA? Paint Color, Lighting & More

When you want to make a change to your living space in your home? A great place to start is by redesigning it around a new coat of paint. The living space in your home is one of the main hubs where you will often find your family relaxing around a movie or friends over for a visit. That is why it is important to have this room not only looking great but also functional. You don’t have to buy a new house to make a change to your living space. When you are ready to update the look and feel, anytime is the right time. Be sure that when you are ready to design and paint the room you have some plans in mind. You need to consider quite a bit of design and décor when getting the room put all the way together. With that said there are many people that continually make the same rookie mistakes over and over. These common mistakes can really put a damper on the entire room. McKay’s Painting outlines a list of errors that people often make when painting and decorating their living room.

Best Living Room Color

The time has come and gone to pick a color and have your entire home painted that same basic color. The newest and ever expanding trend is to go with some color! You want to be sure that you decide what color you want and what will complement the look and feel that you are trying to achieve. Don’t be afraid to go with greens, blues, yellows or even deep red, and emerald. They are all great choices when making a statement. Beige is a great idea when you are trying to sell your home but when you are ready to live in it go with a splash of color. If you have some concern about getting too out of hand with color you can use an accent wall or wallpaper. You can consult with a painting company when choices your color scheme.

Paint Looks Lighter or Darker in Different Light

A room that is low on light can send a look that you might not want. Light is a great way to not only open the room up but can make the room feel much more inviting. A big problem is that people go skimpy on the lighting. This can be natural light or even indoor lighting but it may need to be updated or increased.

Where to Put Furniture

Many people make the same mistake when setting up the room and line the walls with all their furniture. When you look at any design book you won’t see a lot of lined walls. The furniture is pulled out into the room to allow a walk way, more seating and better flow. Look around your room and see what changes you can make.

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