How Do Paint Colors Affect Your Mood in Buellton, CA? Is Red a Stressful Color? Does Blue Make You Feel Calm?

As you sit surrounded by paint chips trying to decide on the perfect colors for the living space in your home, you may be wondering if you should choose the colors you like the best or is there more to the process of selecting color? Color can evoke some powerful emotions and can have an impact on our mood. Color can convey your personality or color can be applied to change the mood in the room. The craftsmen at McKay’s Painting are experts when it comes to helping you select colors for your interior walls and ceilings. We have compiled the following list to help you understand the psychology behind color palettes and which shades work best in which rooms.

What Do Different Colors Mean Psychologically?

• Red equals energy, and conveys feelings of passion. Red also increases the appetite which is why it is often used in restaurants. Red is a great color for a formal dinner room but should be avoided in a child’s bedroom due to the effects on energy levels. Red is recognized as the color of prosperity in China and front doors are often painted red to bring good luck to the home.
• Orange tends to warm a room and is a happy friendly color that encourages communication – a great color for living areas like family rooms.
• Yellow is also a warm and welcoming color; it is a great choice for dark hallways and poorly lit areas. Yellow also brings out creativity and is an excellent choice to paint your office space, yellow is also said to help you make better decisions.
• Blue is part of the cool color palette and is considered the most conservative color. Blue is calming and tranquil and is ideal for bedrooms. Blue is also considered an appetite suppressant so it is not a good choice for a dining area or kitchen.
• Green is a relaxing color and is known for bringing balance and harmony. Lighter shades of green are great for bedrooms and living areas, mid tones are perfect for the kitchen and dining rooms. Green also works perfectly with wood and leather furniture or accents since green conveys nature.
• Purple is the color of imagination and creativity and works wonderfully in a room for a younger child.
• Pink is the most feminine of colors. Pink brings feelings of nurturing, calmness and love. It works well in bedrooms but be careful and select from the rose palette which includes more subdued tones steer clear of brighter tones which could end up looking sickly.
• Brown is an earthy color, and is considered neutral; it is the color of security and wealth and can be used in any room.
• Grey is considered a true neutral color. Native American Indians connected grey with friendships. When you can’t decide which color to paint a room you can compromise and use grey.

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The general guidelines provided by the experts at McKay’s Painting is a great starting point to help you select your paint color. Keep in mind that selecting color is a personal choice so choose a color and shade that suits you, your décor and your lifestyle. Once you have decided on your color palettes consult with your McKay’s Painting customer service professional to select a top quality paint product. A quality paint product will ensure interior surfaces are protected and you will also experience many years of enjoyment and beauty from your professionally painted walls, ceilings, trim and more. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule an appointment today. From start to finish, we deliver our simple promise of a job well done.

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