How Do I Know if the Exterior of My House Needs to Be Repainted in Oak Park, CA? Chipping Paint & More

The paint on the outside of your home isn’t just for curbside appeal. The exterior paint helps to protect the materials used for the outside walls and siding of your home. The paint can also reduce the damages from water and UV exposure and even help keep pests out. As the exterior paint begins to age and wear down, it is time to repaint the home’s exterior. McKay’s Painting will share a few clear signs that it is time to repaint your home.

Can Paint Blister or Bubble?

When you notice your paint is bubbling or blistering, the paint has broken down and is coming off of the walls. When the paint bubbles or blisters it is no longer protecting your home. Paint will often bubble or blister when the paint is compromised, usually from UV damage or water damage. The homes is at risk when the paint becomes compromised. When the paint bubbles and blisters, you will need to scrape the loose paint off and repaint the home’s exterior.

Why is Paint Chipping & Peeling Off?

When paint peels or chips this is a sign that the paint is very old. As paint ages it dries out and will peel or chip off of the surface. Much like blistering or bubbling paint, you will need to scrape off the peeled or chipped paint before it can be repainted. When the paint ages it is important to get a fresh coat of paint to protect the home. Depending on the quality of paint used, each paint will age differently. For longer lasting paint, make sure to invest in a quality paint. Cheaper paint will not last as long and you will need to repaint the home sooner.

Faded or Discolored Paint

You will want to repaint your home’s exterior before the paint peels, chips, blisters or bubbles. When the paint begins to come off the surface, the home is compromised. One sign to look for is the color of the paint on the walls. When paint fades or becomes discolored, it is often the first sign of aging or the early stages of degrading. You will want to have a fresh coat of paint applied before the paint degrades, ensuring the home is protected from the elements. When you see the color changing, now is the time to have the home exterior repainted.

Change the Outside Color of Your House if You Don’t Like it or Want a Change

You do not have to wait for the paint to begin to break down before you have the outside repainted. You can have the exterior repainted simply because you are ready for change. If you want to sell your home or improve your home’s curbside appeal, repainting the outside is a great place to start. A fresh coat of paint makes the home look fresh and new and even improves the value of the home if you wish to sell. You can have your home repainted whenever you are ready!

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