How Can I Make it Easier to Paint My House in Valley Village, CA? Tin Foil to Keep Brushes from Drying Out & More

When you have decided that you want to take on painting a room in your home there are a lot of steps that you have to take to have the room ready. You need to be ready to move all the furniture, take down any decorations and prep the walls. The wall prep can even include needing to touch up some damage to the drywall with patches. This should be left to a professional so that the patch blends well with the rest of the wall. You also need to decide on the kind of paint color that you want and that can be difficult. Are you ready to make a drastic change and go with a fun and bold color or you want to settle the room down and go with a grey or tan color to ensure that your décor will match. Whatever you choose make sure that you are happy with the color so that you don’t have to change it out for a while. McKay’s Painting has a few ways that your everyday kitchen items can make painting your home easier.

Tin Foil Can Keep Paint Brushes from Drying Out

If you have ever taken on any kind of painting project and needed to step away for a little time you know that when you return the brushes are usually rock hard. The paint on the brushes will dry out quickly and that can be extremely difficult to clean off and that takes away from your project. You can use the aluminum foil from your kitchen to eliminate this problem. You can get a wet paper towel and wrap it around the brush or roller and cover that with the foil. This will keep them moist while you step away for a break. It can make life easier when you are trying to paint a room.

Use Plastic Wrap as Masking Film

If you want a sure fire way to protect your light fixtures and outlets when you are painting a room go in the kitchen and get your plastic wrap. It is a great way to cover things that are not going to be removed from the room when painting by using the plastic wrap. The cool thing is that the wrap sticks to itself and can secure the area. You can also use plastic wrap to seal off larger areas that may need to be covered such as flooring or doorways.

Soda Box to Set Paint Can & Brush

If you want a place to set your paint can or your brushes while painting you can use a soda box cut in half for that purpose. Not only does it give you a place to set the items but it also protects the floors from the paint that will end up spilling on the floor otherwise.

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