How Can I Add Texture to the Interior Design of My Santa Barbara, CA House; Update Baseboards & More

When you walk into a standard home you will notice that there is most likely a small two inch baseboard and casing around the doors and windows. These are plain and simple and although they offer the edging that most people want, trim can be so much more. An upgrade to your current trim or adding trim where you never thought about is a great way to show off your style. Baseboards and door casing is only the beginning. The areas that can add trim may surprise you and this even adds value to your home when you have it installed. McKay’s Painting lists ways interior trim can add beauty and style to your home.

Update Baseboards & Crown Molding to Make Look Better

If you are sick of your same old boring two inch baseboard border and no trim on the wall to ceiling transition, you can make a change. Have the baseboards and crown molding upgraded with something that is more specialized with cut outs and other architecture. A taller or more interesting baseboard or crown molding can add a real feel of sophistication to your home. You can also carry this trim through the bedrooms and other rooms of your home to bring some level of cohesiveness.

Install a Chair Rail to the Wall

As you move up the wall the next area that can have some trim is the chair rail. The chair rail is named that because it is typically placed on the wall at the level where a chair that is pulled out would hit. The chair rail can match other trim in the home and can be added to a dining room as per the norm. Although the dining room is the area that generally has a chair rail don’t stop there. You can use chair rail as a barrier between different colors of paint on the wall.

Should You Use Wainscoting Instead of Paint?

After the chair rail is placed you can use paint to split the two areas or to make a much more dramatic effect you can use wainscoting. This is basically a paneling that goes in between the baseboard and the chair rail. The majority of the time the wainscot is left white but can be different colors too. The texture of design of the wainscot is different so you have options to choose from depending on what you want.

Dress Up Window & Door Casing

If you look at your windows or door jams you may have nothing at all trimming them. If you do it is most likely a very smooth and simple structure. When you outline the windows and doors with a beautiful trim piece it frames the area as if it were a portrait. It makes for a much more dramatic look in a room.

Make a Plate Rail

If you have some items that you want to showcase, you can have a plate rail added to your space. Most people choose to have this done in a dining area or a kitchen. You can place designs or decorations on the ledge to add your own style to the room.

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