How Bad is Lead Paint for You in Guadalupe, CA? How to Identify, Dangers, Removal Procedures & More

Most people know when there is an item that is deemed a danger. When it comes to paint most people have heard that lead paint is bad. This is a paint was commonly used for many years and contains lead in the paint that is applied to all sorts of surfaces. The interesting thing about the paint is that once it is applied to a wall it is not dangerous. The fact that it is there is not the problem at all. The issue is when the paint starts to become damaged that it will become problematic. The lead in the paint will get in the air and can be ingested by anyone that is nearby. The fact is that the paint will become agitated when you bump into it, it cracks, or you sand that area of the wall. These are all reasons that lead paint has become illegal. It is not allowed to be used in residential homes any longer because of the potential harm that it poses. The paint is still found in some industrial applications that you would not need to worry about. It also is sometimes used in some items that you might by from overseas with less strict policies. McKay’s Painting outlines what you can do about lead paint in your house.

How to Identify Lead Paint

The reality is that there are not many homes that have lead paint on the walls any longer. This type of paint has been banned for a long time and any home that has not been painted since 1978 might be problematic. The other problem that you have could be that your home was built before 1978 and the underlying paint has lead. As your newer layer of paint is removed it can cause the lead paint to be agitated as well. The best thing you can do is know the age of the home and talk to a professional about the paint in your home. They should be able to tell you if you need to be worried about lead paint in your home.

Lead Paint Dangers

When it comes to lead paint it has become illegal for good reason. Many people have suffered from being exposed to lead paint. This can be someone that lives in the home or the professionals that work on homes that have lead paint. If you have lead paint in your home it is best to have it removed and have a fresh coat of paint applied.

How To Deal With Lead Paint

If you think that you have lead paint in your house you want to avoid doing any home renovations on your own. When you start to remove the paint or it cracks and breaks you could be exposed. The best thing that you can do for your health is to make sure that you leave the paint alone and hire a professional to come out and remove the lead paint and repaint the home. You can enjoy a newly painted house and some peace of mind.

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