House Exterior Wall Options in Mussel Shoals, CA; Stucco, Wood & Vinyl Siding & More

House Exterior Wall Options in Mussel Shoals, CA; Stucco, Wood & Vinyl Siding & More

When home buyers go house hunting there are lots of things they may consider. Buyers look at the amount of space the house has, how many bedrooms and what the kitchen looks like to name a few. They of course want to feel good about the look of the houses exterior. Some of the aspects of the exterior happen to be the garden, grass, patio and the finish of the homes exterior. The home often is assembled in the same manner with wood framing and drywall. Then the house can be finished with a specific exterior material. The material depends on what the neighborhood looks like and what will work best with your particular climate. Each of the exteriors can be finished with paint to get the look and color you really want.

McKay’s Painting Lists Some of the Most Common Exteriors For Residential Homes

Stucco: There are many types of siding that can be used on your exterior walls. If you have a home that is going to have stucco it is a very traditional option. The stucco is a material that is mixed out of sand, lime and cement and of course water. This will make a wet mixture that can be applied to the walls and allowed to dry. Then the stucco can be painted with whatever color that you choose. It is not placed on the walls until after there has been a layer of paper and screen that is first affixed. The stucco can be repaired if there is any areas that are damaged or broken off.
Wood Siding: Using a real wood siding is a great way to tell a story with your house. It means that you are willing to keep up with the care and maintenance of the house. It is also a beautiful option for a period home as well. You can use a stain or even a paint on the wood siding to match the rest of the homes color scheme. You want to make sure that you are aware that maintenance is required and needed to allow the wood to last.
Vinyl Siding: One of the up and coming options that people have when having their house finished is a vinyl siding. This is a great way to give your house a beautiful and even finish that is cost effective. One of the added benefits is that the vinyl siding is affordable and will not require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great. The material is man-made and that means that you will have a smooth and consistent finish. The vinyl siding can come in many colors as well so that your options are nearly endless. You want to make sure that you have the siding installed correctly to have a good tight fit. You also should know that can have the vinyl siding painted over if you choose.

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