Home Office Paint Color Scheme Ideas in Calabasas, CA; Pastels, Neutral, White & More

Home Office Paint Color Scheme Ideas in Calabasas, CA; Pastels, Neutral, White & More

Balancing your home life with work is more challenging than people may think. It takes a lot of discipline to focus on work with all of life’s personal distractions all around you. When you have a home office, locking yourself inside is the best way for many to focus on work and leave the personal stuff aside. But when you do that, you want the work space to be comfortable and inspire productivity. Before dive into organizing and decorating, selecting the right paint for the walls that will energize your senses is ideal. We at McKay’s Painting have listed a few of the top trending colors for home offices to help you pick a color for your home office, or at the very least get the creative juices flowing.

Popular Home Office Paint Colors

White: For some, the less distracting the better. You can have the walls a crisp color white, such as eggshell, and contrast it with inspiring photos and artwork that keeps it simple, yet cultured. If you want to add flares of color, you can do it with carpeting or rugs, or with the furniture to spice up the room.
Brown: A bold dark chocolate brown offers sophistication for a straight forward and focused professional. It will give you the modernized neutral color that can be paired with nearly anything. For a pristine look, include a sharp desk, linear artwork, and brighten it with lighter colored floors.
Blue: Balancing work and kids’ activities is no easy feat. Having your home office painted pale sky-blue hue can help bring down the stress levels. Add white accents or decorations to enhance the calm feeling.
Green: Creative personalities need small doses of chaos in their surroundings to help them stay on task. A creative energy color of a green variety will contribute to such and add a few random interesting decorations such as a lamp or desk feature to break it up.
Purple: A Moroccan-style office space that has a deep shade of plum paired with a patterned rug will make the place inviting and spacious. Iconic black and white photos encased with black frames will add the chic design taking your office space to the next level of glam. Where this may be too much for some, others will get charged with the energy and be productive daily.
Neutral: Neutrals are always safe. They can make any room feel welcoming without the overwhelming busyness. Paired with wood furnishing, the home office will have a strength to it that will impress any guest or colleague. To brighten it up, add a hint of color with the drapes that easily open to allow natural light envelop the room.
Pastels: Pastels are becoming a very popular choice and it allows hints of color without the overwhelming colors bearing down on you. A pale pink color, for example, coupled with clean white accents, organized books, perfectly placed sculptures, and tasteful art on the walls will give a nice home office you can relax in and still focus on the tasks.

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