Home Improvement & Painting Ideas for How to Update an Old House in Summerland, CA

Home Improvement & Painting Ideas for How to Update an Old House in Summerland, CA

It doesn’t take a lot of money with interior and exterior painting projects to make a big difference. The right paint can go a long way, especially if you’re on a budget. All paint projects can be done on your own, but you’ll save money in the long run by hiring professionals. You’ll also have the best possible results because a small paint job can be done poorly without paint know-how. There are steps that professional take for different projects.

Paint Quality

Using cheap paint may just cost you more in the long run. We all want to save money, especially when we decide to improve our home in some way. Buying cheap paint isn’t really a good deal because you’ll need to use more of it and the quality won’t last as long as you’d like it to. So, the money you saved in the beginning will quickly disappear when you find yourself buying more.

Low Budget Interior Design & Painting Ideas

1. Use a bold color in a small bathroom. Consider the amount of natural light in the bathroom and how certain colors will look when choosing the color. Once painting is done, finish the look with decorative accents.
2. Paint an accent wall. You can add class or excitement to a room by creating an accent wall because rooms don’t need to be painted entirely to get a finished look. Chose a wall that will become the focal point and get creative. Colors can come from pillows, fabric or artwork already in the room.
3. Paint the ceiling. Pick a color and paint the ceiling in a white room. This will softly add color to a room and can have a striking and elegant effect.
4. Use wall stencils. Your personal style can show when you paint a room or accent wall with stencils. Pick one up at the store or create your own.
5. Use dry erase paint. Premium dry erase paints can be used to create sketching surfaces that will keep things creative and might keep you organized too!

Exterior Painting Home Updates on a Budget

1. Paint the shutters– clean the shutters on your home and pick a new color to paint them
2. Paint the trim– you can instantly add curb appeal to your home by painting the trim on your home
3. Paint the stairs– the stairs of entire walkway to your home can be painted for an instant upgrade
4. Paint the front door– paint the front door with an exciting color to make it pop and add curb appeal
5. Paint House numbers– choose new house numbers and paint them the same color you painted the front door

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Painting projects can be a lot harder than you think they’ll be. Many paint professionals will get calls from customers that started a project and don’t want to finish it. They either don’t like the results, or they don’t have the time to finish it. The best call to make is to McKay’s Painting to give your home a new look inside or out. Call us today!

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