Garage Floor Paint Epoxy in Santa Barbara, CA; Best Cleaner, Etching, Painting, Decorative Color & Metallic Flakes, Sealing & More

Garage Floor Paint Epoxy in Santa Barbara, CA; Best Cleaner, Etching, Painting, Decorative Color & Metallic Flakes, Sealing & More

There comes a time in ever garage’s life when it could use a little bit of cleaning and maybe even a make over. Or maybe you are moving into a new home and you may want to spruce up your man cave. One of the more popular methods that more and more people are doing to improve the look of the garage is by applying a fresh epoxy paint job on their garage floors. McKay’s Painting will share the proper steps of epoxy painting your garage floor.

Best Garage Door Cleaner

The first step before you begin any paint job, especially outside in the garage, is to prepare the floor. Of course you will want everything cleared out, but most importantly you will need to clean the floor. You will want to clean all oil or grease stains from off of the floor as well as any other stain that will obstruct the fresh paint from being properly applied. Start by scraping the floor with a large, hand held scraper to loosen up any dirt and particles from off of the floor. Then, of course, you’ll need to sweep out your garage. You may want to use a high pressure hose for washing and cleaning any oil or grease spots. However, a regular garden hose will also work.

Is Etching Concrete Necessary

Etch pretreatment is recommended to use when washing the concrete floors. This is important to help open the pores in the concrete which aids in applying the epoxy. After the floor has been cleaned, allow it to dry well. The use of fan could help speed up the process. Once the floor has been cleaned, patch up any cracks found in the floor and before you begin painting, use a shop vacuum or regular vacuum to remove any remaining dirt or dust.

Painting Garage Floor Epoxy

With the floor cleaned and ready for painting, you can now begin epoxy painting your garage floor. Most epoxy floor painting kits come with a part A and part B paint cans. Start by mixing both cans together. Be sure to mix them well together to activate them properly. Each brand will have directions on them, so make sure to allow the proper amount or reaction time before applying the paint on the floor. Once the epoxy paint is ready you can start painting. You will want to start in the most inside corner on the garage. With a roller and extension handle, start painting the floor. You will want to create a sectional grid to prevent stepping or smearing the wet paint. Again start in the inside corner and do a 4×4 square and work your way to the other side of the garage. Then work the next section backwards and out of the garage.

Decorative Color & Metallic Flakes for Epoxy Floors

As you complete one section, spread the flakes while the first coat is wet. After the first and primary coat of paint and flakes has been applied, allow it to dry. Once it is dry you can apply the final coat to seal the flakes and protect the first layer of paint. The last layer is like a clear glue or vinyl. You will repeat the same grid like pattern to avoid walking on or smearing the wet paint. After the final coat is applied and dried, you can enjoy you beautiful fresh epoxy painted garage floor.

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