Formula for How Paint is Made in Buellton, CA; Properties of Pigment, Solvent, Resin, Additives & More

Many homeowners are concerned with the materials surrounding them inside the home, and for good reasons. Quite a few people want to know where products come from, such as food, sheets, and other sources that are commonly found in homes. Where there are many things in a home, paint often comes to mind, especially for those that know the older paints have lead. Thankfully, the time of lead paint is long, long gone, but many consumers are still curious about how paint is made. With this in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss the basics of how paint is made and some considerations.

Paint Making Formula

Most painting professionals have their sources for high quality paints since their products will reflect their reputation. Along with affordability, professionals want a durable brand of paint that excels in homes. Below are the primary components of paint.

Paint Pigment

In addition to providing the color for the paint, the pigment also impacts the sheen and that impact the appearance of the paint once it dries. In both terms of color and sheen for a flawless finish, we make certain that it meets your exact specifications when you select the color of your paint.

Properties of Solvent in Paint

To easily attach to a surface as a liquid, the solvent is the material that allows the pigment and the resin. Indicating that these paints are easy to use and quick to dry, our paints use a water-based solvent in most cases. Making this product safer for your home are the paints manufactured with water as a solvent.

Resin in Paint

Resin binds the paint to the surface and is the material that holds the paint molecules together. When applied to the walls, concerning water-based paints, the water evaporates, which brings the resin and pigment particles closer and closer until they stick together and form a tough elastic solid.

Additives in Paint

To give them certain desirable qualities in paints, additional chemicals are often included. To make the painting process much simpler and ensure that the results last for years to come since the scuff resistance, easy application, mold resistance, and other similar traits are essential.

Choosing the Right Paint

The decision can feel overwhelming to say the least as you are faced with aisles and aisles of paint options. With the help of a professional, you can be rest assured they use high-quality paints. Whether you would like a complimentary color consultation, advice about sheen, or insight about the latest design trends, the professionals can help throughout the process. You opt to use the industry’s best materials and expertise; you can rest assured that when you choose a professional. This means that your home will not only look nice but also be a welcoming haven for your family.

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Whether you decide to get your own paint and paint with DIY painting project, or hire a professional, it is important to use a high-quality paint that will last and look beautiful as long as you have it. When you need a professional to help you painting your Greater Santa Barbara, California home or business, call McKay’s Painting and let us assist you.

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