Fire & Smoke Damage in Camarillo, CA; Hire Pros to Replace Drywall & Apply New Texture & Paint

Fire & Smoke Damage in Camarillo, CA; Hire Pros to Replace Drywall & Apply New Texture & Paint

When your home suffers fire damage it can be a devastating experience. The damage that a fire can cause to a home can be hard to get over and hard to repair. Luckily, there are steps you can take to give the process a kick start. However, there are things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to the fire restoration process. McKay’s Painting offers helpful tips below.

What to Do After a House Fire

The first thing you should do is a call professionals. The next thing you should do is have the utilities turned off until it can be determined if these systems were damaged during the fire. Now it’s time to vacuum the furniture. While the professionals will take care of the entire process, you can do a first pass for more success. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment to remove soot. You can then cover your furniture with plastic until the professionals start so remaining soot won’t seep deeper into the upholstery. The carpets floors and countertops are next. Use the vacuum cleaner on your carpets for an immediate improvement and to prevent soot from getting deeper into the fibers. Hard floors and countertops should have soot wiped off as soon as possible to prevent staining. Since the utilities are off you need to check the appliances. Empty the fridge and freezer and leave the door open to avoid mold growth. Drain your hot water heater because fluids can freeze in pipes during the winter months. Make sure you take care of your pets because the soot and smoke remaining in the home can be dangerous for them.

What Not to Do After a House Fire

Do not use your HVAC system or any electronics after your home has suffered a fire. Turning the air conditioner, heater or electronics on can cause more damage. Do not clean the walls or your clothing either. Do not eat any food that was in the home during the fire. Chances are good that it’s not safe because of smoke, soot and other contaminants in the air from when the fire was put out. The contaminants from the extinguishing process will leave a powder behind. Do not wipe it up. The professionals will do it as part of the restoration process.

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Most importantly, never enter your home after a fire until the fire department or local officials have cleared it. These do’s and don’ts will help prevent any further damage and get the cleaning process started. As tempting as it might be to dive in and get started, the best thing you can do is hire the services of professionals. McKay’s Painting has the knowledge, tools and experience to replace damaged drywall and apply new texture and paint to restore your walls and ceilings to like new quickly. Give us a call today.

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