Feng Shui Interior House Paint Color Bagua North, East, South & West Elements in Camarillo, CA

Feng Shui Interior House Paint Color Bagua North, East, South & West Elements in Camarillo, CA

There are different methods people use when selecting the right colors for their home or business. Some look for guidance through a specific interior design, where others look for inspiration elsewhere. A popular new method slowly becoming a trend is utilizing Feng Shui and applying the colors accordingly based on that concept. We at McKay’s Painting would like to cover the basics of Feng Shui as you set out on your project.

Feng Shui Elements Compatibility

There are five elements that include Water, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Wood when utilizing feng shui colors. To help you design the overall look and compliment the right energy, the elements provide specific energies that can inspire productive or destructive cycles and the pairing colors. It is surprising how many homes, and even businesses, that are starved for light. To remedy such atrocities, you can use the feng shui color system by applying the elements of Feng Shui. Each of these elements represents specific colors, which is the easiest way to bring more harmony into your home. The five elements and their colors include the following:
Fire: Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, and Bold Yellow,
Earth: Light Yellow, Light Brown, and Sandy-Earthy Tones
Wood: Green and Brown
Water: Blue and Black
Metal: White and Gray

How to Use Feng Shui Bagua

Because Feng Shui painting can get complex, we will start with the basics; where the most optimal way to start is to get an understating of the color and balance the energy. The Feng Shui energy map of your space needs be rightfully placed of Feng Shui colors is defined by the bagua. Let us start in the South Feng Shui bagua area, which is connected to your fame and reputation energy as well as to how you project your image towards others and how well you are able to maintain your own identity and personal values. For the South Feng Shui bagua area, find your favorite shade of strong yellow, and orange, along with red, purple, or pink, as they are the best colors resembling the element and energy affiliated. To avoid the destructive cycle in the South Feng Shui bagua area, which is the fire energy, of your space, bypass the water energy or the blues and blacks.

Feng Shui North, East, South & West Paint Colors

To easily utilize Feng Shui Color in your home, use this general guide found below.
1) The South feng shui bagua area should be painted with a strong yellow color, to positively influence happy gatherings and good times.
2) The West feng shui bagua area is where white should be covering the walls as supportive energy for all your creative endeavors that also impacts creativity and children.
3) In the East feng shui bagua area of your home, paint the walls green to improve health and balancing family.
4) In the North bagua area, blue is an optimal feng shui choice as it supports the energy of your career growth.

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