Feng Shui in Thousand Oaks, CA; Lucky Paint Colors that Represent the Elements & More

McKay’s Painting supplies commercial and residential consumers with a number of services both online and in person. In an effort to help our customers become more educated on the various aspects of the painting and contracting industry, we provide guides to basics including feng shui paint color basics in an effort to help you on your projects.

Elements in Feng Shui

To understand the basic concepts of the Feng Shui colors is that you have to take into account the 5 elements; Water, Wood, Metal, Fire, and Earth. With the energy these elements provide; productive or destructive cycles, these energies and cycles will help you achieve the look you are looking for. Feng Shui colors are designed to extend the vibrant light energy where too many New York and New Jersey homes and business interiors are starved for light.

What Colors Represent the Feng Shui Elements?

Each element represents a color and the simplest way to bring more harmony into your home is to understand and apply the elements of Feng Shui. Below, you will find the colors that represent the elements.
– Earth: Light Brown, Sandy-Earthy Tones, Light Yellow
– Fire: Orange, Bold Yellow, Red, Purple, Pink
– Metal: Gray, White
– Water: Black, Blue
– Wood: Brown, Green

What is the Purpose of the Bagua?

With Feng Shui painting being complex, the best way to start is the basics; to strengthen the color and balance the energy. To do so, the right placement of Feng Shui colors is being defined by the bagua, or the Feng Shui energy map of your space. For starters, we will analyze the South Feng Shui bagua area. Connected to your fame and reputation energies, the Feng Shui bagua area is better translated as the Light, or Fire Within. It is also connected to the image you project towards others, as well as to how well you are able to maintain your own Light, which is your identity and values. Those colors that express it are strong yellow, and orange, along with red, purple, pink. Keeping your fire energy strong is important and to do that means you need to avoid blue and black, which are the water energies, a destructive cycle in the South Feng Shui bagua area of your space.

How Do I Apply Bagua to My House?

Following Are Some Easy Feng Shui Color Tips For Your Home:
1) In the South Feng Shui bagua area for happy gatherings and good times, have some strong yellow color.
2) To bring supportive energy for all your creative endeavors, utilize pure white color in the West Feng Shui bagua area; supportive energy is for creativity and children.
3) For improving health and balancing family life when used in the East Feng Shui bagua area of your home, green color is ideal.
4) To support the energy of your career growth or in the East for health and family and Southeast for wealth and money areas to water and nourish the Wood Feng Shui element, the color blue is a very optimal Feng Shui choice in the North bagua area.

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