Exterior Painting Mistakes in University City, CA; Not Pressure Washing First, Paint Drips, Runs, Splatters & More

Is it time to paint the outside of your home? When doing exterior painting there are a lot of steps involved to ensure the painting job goes perfectly. There is more to painting the outside of a home than just buying paint and covering the home. Often mistakes are made that can ruin the entire painting project. McKay’s Painting will share some of these common mistakes and tell you how to avoid them to ensure your home gets the exterior paint job it needs.

Not Pressure Washing Home Before Painting is a Mistake

The outside of the home needs to be washed and clean. You should remove all of the dirt and other substances that can be found on the outside of your home. Most professional painters will always first pressure clean the exterior of the home and let it dry before they ever put on a drop of paint. Dirt, mold, and other substances on the exterior of the home can ruin the paint as it causes bubbling and the paint may not adhere to the surface of the home. Often DIY painters will forget or neglect cleaning the outside of the home. Never make this mistake as it can ruin the paint job and be a wasted expense.

Avoid Paint Drips, Runs, Spills & Splatters

Getting drips, spills, or splatters all around the project is an all too common problem. Homeowners may find a ton of paint around the yard and on surfaces they didn’t want paint on. Paint can be toxic to the lawn and surrounding plants. Paint drips, spills, and splatters can be avoided with proper preparation. Even outside painting cloths and covers should be utilized to prevent a major mess. Too often painting covers or blankets are not used because it is the outside that is being painted. Avoid this common mistake as well as the mess. Use paint covers in the needed places.

Do Not Paint Over Damp Wood

There are many wooden features on the home. On many homes, the fascia, window and door trim and siding is made of wood. All exterior wooden surfaces require maintenance. A good cover of paint will protect the wood’s surface. When the exterior surface of the home is cleaned, wood will take the longest to dry. Before painting over wood it must be completely dry. In many cases, this doesn’t always happen. Painting over damp wood is a major mistake as it causes the wood to blister and the paint to peel prematurely. To make sure the wood is properly protected, and the painting project doesn’t end up as a waste of time and money, make sure the wood is completely dried out before painting over it.

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There are many more mistakes that can occur when painting the exterior of a home. To help avoid them all consider seeking out professional painting services. A professional painting service will properly prep, clean and paint the exterior of the home and ensure the home is protected from the elements. In so doing, the painting will last as long as possible. The right mistake can cause premature peeling and damage to the home’s exterior. A professional will not make any of these common mistakes. They will ensure your home is protected and beautiful. For exterior painting services and more, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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