Exterior Paint Maintenance in Newbury Park, CA from House Cleaning to Touch Up & More

Exterior Paint Maintenance in Newbury Park, CA from House Cleaning to Touch Up & More

No matter if you take it on yourself, or hire a professional painting contractor, repainting the exterior of your home is major project. Because of the involvement, it is only natural people want to take care of the paint and make it last as long as possible. Exterior maintenance is important for many reasons, some of which extends the paint job, others will keep the exterior looking immaculate. We at McKay’s Painting have included some maintenance tips for the exterior paint of your California home.

Exterior House Cleaning

Much like washing our cars extends the paint on the vehicles, washing the house will extend the paint on the surface. Cleaning the contaminants off the surface of your home such as the pollen, dirt, air pollutants, bird droppings, mildew, and mold spores, and so on, will keep the paint gorgeous. Additionally, the paint will look fresher and brighter without the residues dulling the paint finish. A long-handled sponge or soft brush, a sturdy ladder and mild dish soapy water with a garden hose and a pressurized attachment can get the exterior paint clean. If you come across mildew or mold issue, add a couple of tablespoons of bleach to the mixture. Another option to get the exterior of your home efficiently cleaned quicker is with a pressure cleaning service from a professional to ensure there is no damage in the process.

Touch Up Paint on Outside Walls

Every aspect of the exterior of your home has specific conditions that differ from others that can expedite paint quicker. For example, some walls have more hours of direct sunlight, or some are more exposed to high-winds. Other examples include different substrates such as wood, metal, vinyl, beneath the paint that has different coating applications. As a result, different areas may require a touch-up of paint sooner than the majority of the house. If you are a “all or nothing” type, it can be problematic as leaving areas exposed can cause damage and make the paint look unsightly or you will be repainting the whole house too soon. The best option is to simply touch up the paint as you need to in between exterior painting projects.

Maintaining Your Landscaping

The landscaping has a surprising impact on the longevity and look of the exterior paint. Keeping your house dry is essential to prevent moss, mildew, and mold growth. Watering your vegetation too close to the house continually keeps the paint wet. Not only so, but the wood can rot and insects will make their home in and damage any moist wood. To avoid the negative effect, trim bushes, shrubs, and trees near the house so that there is room for air flow and some sunlight. Ensure the sprinklers watering your landscaping are not in contact with the house and if so, redirect them. Do not let dead leaves or trimmed vegetation pile up next to the house as it invites moisture buildup as well as gives rodents and insects harborage that can damage the paint.

Ensure Gutters & Downspouts are Working

Moisture is channeled away from the home and our paint is protected when the gutters and downspouts are functioning correctly. The neglected or damaged gutters can cause blockage, leading to water overflowing and damaging the paint in certain areas as well as the materials beneath the paint.

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