Exterior House Paint Color Trends in Carpinteria, CA; Spanish Moss, Simply White & More

Before painting your home’s entire exterior and end up hating it, you need to thoroughly think about your color choices. There are so many colors to choose from, dark and light palettes, cool and warm tones, classics and modern colors, and so on. To make an impression, whether it is for your guests or potential home buyers, or even if your home is due for a change, you can consider the top exterior house colors in 2019 that we at McKay’s Painting have listed below for you to select from if you are uncertain which color is for you and where to start.

Spanish Moss Paint Color

Spanish moss is one of the less common modern palettes, but still considered a growing trend. This color has been known to make the home feel like a retreat. To add contrast, the best colors are light colors, however, color consultant specialists encourage people to stay clear of white. Select a muted color like beige or brown for the trim work, and for a bolder look, paint the windowsills and doors red.

Desert Beige Neutral Exterior House Paint Hue

Neutral colors like beige can be a great exterior house color that will match the earth’s natural tones if you are wanting a more subtle approach. Painting your siding and gutter white can offer a complementary secondary color. If you want a bit more contrast, a chocolate brown color for the trim work can be a stunning option.

Stormy Gray House Paint Color

The house color trends, year over year, have been taken over by the gray paints. Try going for a gray home with white trim for a classy and sophisticated look. A more rustic style can be implemented by using varying shades of gray for your home and stain your front and garage door with rich wood colors. With so many shades of gray available.be sure to take the time to test the top shades you are liking on the swatch. Grays have different undertones including blue, purple, and green that can change the dynamics and overall presentation of the gray, especially depending on the secondary and trim colors you might incorporate. Before finally choosing the color, you like most, ensure to conduct a bit of research before making the final choice.

Simply White House Exterior

How to utilize white correctly is important, but this is a color that is timeless and never goes out of style. White will offer a classic, traditional look to your home, however, be sure to update it for modern styles by using bolder colors for the trim and front door. Whites are impressive when used with a colorful landscape and green lawns. Using white incorrectly could possibly be making the home look dull and with no shape if the white is used wrong. To make sure that color is suitable, make sure to assess the house architecture and the surroundings.

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Ultimately, no matter which color you select for the exterior of your home, trust in the experts of McKay’s Painting to ensure it is painted onto your home correctly. Our certified artisans are proficient and safe, and ensure your exterior painting is done with high-quality.

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