Easy Interior Wall Mural Painting Ideas in Thousand Oaks, CA; Using a Projector & More

Easy Interior Wall Mural Painting Ideas in Thousand Oaks, CA; Using a Projector & More

Have you ever dreamed of painting a mural in your home but have no artist abilities whatsoever and that holds you back? What if you were told you can paint a mural without being an artist and still have a beautiful mural anyway? Today McKay’s Painting will share how you can paint your own mural without any hassle. Follow this simple method to paint your own custom mural in any room in your home.

Using a Projector to Project an Image for Tracing & to Paint Wall Murals

To paint a mural like a pro, the best way is to use a projector so you can literally trace and color the image. Yes, projector art is an easy and common way for amateurs to create their own custom mural in their home. To use this easy method, start by obtaining the following list of items.
• An overhead projector and image you want to paint on your walls or ceilings.
• A pencil and eraser to trace and outline your image.
• Painter brushes of various sizes.
• Acrylic paint of the colors you will be using to create the image.
• Paper plate or cups, a drop cloth, and of course a wall.

How to Paint a Mural on a Wall; Step By Step

Step 1. Make Copies– You will want to make two copies of the image you wish to use for your mural. Make one black and white so it is easier to trace the lines of the image. Then create a color copy that you will use later to paint in the colors.
Step 2. Position the Projector – With your projector ready with your black and white image loaded, position the project where you want to paint your mural. Make sure to lock the projector in place. If it gets moved or bumped, it can be hard to realign the image perfectly again. Once the image is the right size and in the right spot, you can begin drawing your mural.
Step 3. Tracing the Image – Now you can begin tracing the image. With the black and white image loaded, follow the lines with a pencil just dark enough to follow, but not too dark that it bleeds through the lighter color paint. Use the eraser as you make mistakes.
Step 4. Prep for Painting – Once you’re finished tracing out the image, make sure the image is the right size and in the right place. If you aren’t happy, erase it and redo it. If you like what you’ve done, prep for paint. Start by laying a drop cloth in case you drip paint. Get a table to place your paints if you’re using multiple colors. Note: some people “pen art” meaning it’s just a black outline of an image instead of a full color mural. If that’s what you’re trying to achieve, all you need to do is follow the pencil line with a black paint. Choose the paint brush of the thickness you want to use to create your mural and don’t over saturate the brush to prevent drips.
Step 5. Mixing and Preparing the Paint Colors – Mix or pour all the colors your mural will be using into cups or paper plates. It is recommended you do one color at a time and let it dry before doing the next area.
Step 6. Painting your Mural – Can you color in the lines? Just like a coloring book, all you have to do is stay in the lines. However, if you accidentally do bleed into the other side of your lines, you can paint over in most cases. That’s why it is recommended you paint one color at a time. It is best to start with the dominate color first and do the smaller patches or the finer colors last for this reason. Congratulations! You’ve just created an oversized coloring page and perhaps along the way, found your inner child and had some fun painting.

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With this method you will find you will have a beautiful mural you will be proud to have in your home. McKay’s Painting hopes you enjoy bringing murals to life in your home. If you need any of the many services that McKay’s Painting provides, contact us today!

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