Dunn Edwards; LEED Certified, Offering VOC Free & Eco Friendly Paint in Camarillo, CA

Dunn Edwards; LEED Certified, Offering VOC Free & Eco Friendly Paint in Camarillo, CA

One main concern people have as they get ready to paint their homes is the effects of the paint they are using on the environment. There is a lot of focus on environmentally friendly products out there as people are becoming more and more aware of the consequences that come from not taking care of the earth we live on. McKay’s Painting is proud to say that Dunn Edwards is one of our preferred brands, and they are very conscious of making their paint as eco-friendly as possible.

Keeping Paint Green Since the Beginning

“Going Green” is a motto that has been important to Dunn Edwards long before it was ever the popular thing to do. They have always perfected their high performance paint with the health of the environment as well as their customers in mind. Dunn Edwards has always led the way in producing environmentally conscious products and is constantly looking to improve.

LEED Certified

Ever since 1993, many businesses have been working towards getting LEED certified. To achieve this goal a building has to abide by environmental laws & regulations, occupancy scenarios and building permanence. The owner also has to be transparent about their energy and water use. Dunn Edwards is proud to say they have been LEED Gold Certified and work very diligently to ensure their manufacturing plant stays that way.

Making Paint as Safe as Possible

At Dunn Edwards, it is important that the paint they make is as safe for their customers as possible. Many water-based paint has a chemical called Ethylene Glycol in it which has been deemed a toxic air contaminant and a hazardous air pollutant. In 1983, Dunn Edwards was the first to replace this hazardous chemical with propylene glycol which has been said to be safe by the FDA. You can trust that our paint is EG free because we make sure to label it that way.

Zero VOC Paint

Another way that Dunn Edwards strives to produce safe paint is the elimination of VOCs. VOCs are solvents that are released into the air when the paint is applied to the surface. These strong odors are harmful to your overall health and shouldn’t be inhaled. At Dunn Edwards, we can truly say that we have eliminated VOCs from our paint. Even the colorants that are used contain no VOCs. Just another way that Dunn Edwards has turned into one of the leading eco-friendly paints on the market.

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At McKay’s Painting, we know how important it is to take care of the world we live is as well as provide excellent painting services to our customers. This is why we are proud to say that one of our preferred brands is Dunn Edwards. With this high quality, safe paint and our extensive training and experience, you can count on superior painting results anytime you call on us to help you paint your home or business. Whether you need interior or exterior painting done, we are the right company for you. Call us today!

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