Drywall Texture Ideas in Newbury Park, CA; Knockdown, Sculptured Joint Compound Art & More

Drywall Texture Ideas in Newbury Park, CA; Knockdown, Sculptured Joint Compound Art & More

Drywall texture doesn’t always have to be the same old textures found in every home. You can create a personal and exiting work of art with your drywall texture. Most drywall textures use a joint compound which is easily molded to create your own style. McKay’s Painting will share some creative drywall texture ideas to spice up your walls.

Adobe Drywall Finishing Effect

When a drywall finisher gives a wall a smooth finish, they are using a skim coating technique using joint compound that can be rolled on and then scraped with a drywall trowel. This gives the wall that smooth finish. You can create the same finish or texture to resemble an adobe look by adding a pigment or latex paint. For those who want to give their home the unique feel of an adobe home, you can create the texture by using joint compound that has been colored. Roll the colored joint compound onto the wall and then scrape it smooth with a drywall knife. Don’t make the wall too smooth. Allow some bumps or ridges to create a more realistic adobe feel.

Sculptured Joint Compound Art

For those who want more interesting patterns or may be a theme to the wall that fits with their overall design, you can texture the walls. While the compound is still wet, use cookie-cutters to create images in your walls. This technique is very popular for a child’s room. You can apply the drywall joint compound and then use cookie-cutters randomly on the walls. After the compound has dried, you can paint the images individually to make the image pop, or keep it subtle by painting the wall a solid color.

Wallpaper with Tissue Paper

Creating a faux texture doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t always need to use joint compound. Here is an easy method to create a faux texture on your walls using wallpaper paste and tissue paper. First, tear the tissue paper in both large and small pieces and crumple them up. Afterward, straighten it back out again. With a roller, coat a section of the wall at a time with the wallpaper paste and stick the pieces to the wall. Flatten the paper. For more character, leave a few wrinkles and rough edges. After the paste has had time to dry, use a paint polyvinyl acetate primer. With a paint brush, paint over the wall. You can glaze the wall to enhance the look of the faux texture. Once dry, you can roll your choice of colored paint over the texture.

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There are many ways to add a fun a new look to your home’s walls with different texturing techniques. Don’t feel bound to using the same old textures. For those want to add a more interesting look to there walls, these are some great ideas to customize your wall’s texture. If you need help adding faux textures or finishes to your walls, or repair your drywall and blending in the original texture, McKay’s Painting can help. We provide many services to enhance the look of your home. If you need our assistance or one of our many services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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