Does Staining & Refinishing Make an Old Weathered Deck Last Longer in Thousand Oaks, CA?

For those who are just putting down the last nail, you know that you have just finished building your dream deck. When you build a deck you also build experience. A deck extends your outdoor living space and becomes the central hub of many gatherings. A deck once built will not last forever. As each day passes, the deck has already begun to age. A deck’s lifespan will depend on the work the homeowner put into maintaining their deck. For those new to decks, McKay’s Painting will share how to extend the life of your home’s deck.

Keep Outdoor Deck Clean

One of the first steps in maintaining a deck is keeping the deck clean. You will want to keep dirt and debris off of its surface. Additionally, look for areas where mold and mildew may develop first. You will want to treat mold and mildew as soon as it develops or it will lead to rot. Keeping a deck in good condition involves regular sweeping and washing of the deck. Do not neglect cleaning your deck especially during the summer or winter where decks most often get forgotten.

Deck Refinishing

One of the most critical steps homeowners need to take is having their deck’s refinished. Decks require refinishing every few years. The time a deck is refinished is often determined by the quality of the sealer. There are different types of sealer as well as quality. Some sealers may only last one year where better quality sealers can last up to five. When the seal begins to break down, the deck is no longer protected. The deck will be exposed to the elements including sun, rain, and pests. Refinishing a deck includes stripping the old sealer off, sanding and resealing the surface of the entire deck. Minor repairs such as screws and bolts should be tightened back down. Refinishing is key in extending the life of your home’s deck.

Restore Your Deck

A deck restoration is fairly similar to refinishing a deck. A deck restoration often includes stripping the old sealer, sanding and then resealing the deck. However, often a restoration is a bit more intense when it comes to locating and identifying the needed deck repairs. If the floor boards have been damaged, the damaged pieces can be removed and replaced. Other major damages that need to be properly repaired is the main focus of a deck restoration. Weak beams, joists, rails and other parts of the deck that not only compromise the deck’s integrity but also the household safety, need to be repaired. The entire deck will be inspected and repaired while it is being refinished. Deck restoration, even with proper maintenance will eventually happen during the life time of a deck. Material will simply wear down and need replacement. However, it is important to recognize when a deck needs a full restoration or the entire deck will be lost.

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To extend the life of your deck, be sure to keep it clean and when the time comes. have the deck refinished and restored. Taking on a deck refinishing or restoration can be a lot of intense work. If you find you need help refinishing or restoring your home’s deck, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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