Does Painted Baseboard, Crown Molding, Casing & Other Wood Trim Add to the Value of a Home in Los Angeles, CA?

If you are ready to upgrade the look of your home there are some things that you can do to make the change. Of course adding a new coat of paint on your walls is a great way to freshen up the house but you can increase the beauty and elegance to your home with trim work. Trim is not just something that is used outside the home such as eves and window seals but they are in the house too. There are different areas of the house that you can have trim added or upgraded and they all help to increase the look and the value of your home. McKay’s Painting outlines several types of trim work you can have installed or upgraded in your home.

Upgrade Existing Baseboards

There are not many homes that don’t have baseboards. They are common to many home but the standard baseboards that are used leave a lot to be imagined. The small two inch smooth board is what is installed in many homes at the base of the wall and helps to create a line between the wall and the floor. A better option can be a wider baseboard that is eight to ten inches in height! You can also choose to have more texture and edges to the boards that are used. It adds an interesting touch to the room. You can also choose to have the baseboard painted a color other than white which also can add some personal décor to the house as well.

Add Crown Molding

Unless you specify it to a home builder crown molding is not a regular or standard option. The crown molding is an addition that many people have to add to their home and the molding comes in many different options. Depending on the height of your room you can use a wide molding with a lot of texture or a nice smooth board as well. The addition of any crown molding is a great way to finish off the room and add a level of beauty. You have to be sure that you have them done by a professional to have a nice smooth finish.

Install Door Frame & Window Casing

Do you have walkways in your home that are not supported by a door? These are areas that can use a bit of trim to increase the look of the area. Just like you frame a picture you should frame the walkways in your home as well. The frame around your walkways is called a casing. The casing is also a way to protect this area from dings and damages. If you are sick of seeing scuff marks of chipped paint around the edges then a casing is a great addition. The casing should match the rest of the trim in your home to keep the flow.

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When surveyed, nearly all respondents say that moldings and trim affected the overall price of the home. Call McKay’s Painting to schedule your next painting related service today!

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