Does Paint Color Increase Home Value in Guadalupe, CA? Painting Matters when Selling a House!

For those who are getting ready to move on to bigger and better places, you’re probably looking to sell your home. You might be considering how to get the most value out of your home without putting forth a huge financial strain on your bank account. One of the cheapest and best ways to give your home a fresh new look is painting. Some professional realtors will tell you to paint your house all white. This supposedly gives the buyer a blank canvas and helps them imagine how to make the house theirs. More recent studies have shown this is not the case. Buyers are looking for personality in a home and painting each room the right colors brings out more personality and can increase the value of your home. McKay’s Painting explores why paint color matters when selling your house.

What Paint Color is Most Popular for Kitchens?

Let’s start with the kitchen. Studies have shown that painting the kitchen a creamy yellow, wheat, khaki, or even a light green is alluring to most buyers. The light yellow color brings a sense of cleanliness and brings light into the kitchen. The greenish colors bring a vegetation feel in a place where food belongs and make people feel earthier and help people eat healthier. When buyers come to look at your home, these colors help sell a kitchen. Avoid too light a shade of yellow or white shades, though. Kitchens that are white have a negative sell rate. Some says that white in a kitchen make people feel empty and lack creativity. This is not the feeling you want in the kitchen. Dining rooms that were in purple shades were commonly a draw for a lot of buyers.

What are the Best “In” Colors for Living Rooms?

When painting the living room, do not use orange tones or terra-cotta colors. Even the dark grays weren’t a hit in sell prices. Light grays and blues in living rooms sold for more. The light grays and blue shades make a living room seem restful. Make the living room a place to relax and bring a family together.

Which Paint Color is Good & Which in Not Great for a Bedroom?

Avoid painting your bathrooms either browns, greens, or yellows. Lets face it, those colors make people think of human waste and they start to feel dirty when looking at it. Now you can use those colors as an accent colors but not on the primary wall. This is where white plays a good role. White or eggshell colors make the bathroom feel clean and more open for those half size bathrooms. A very popular bathroom paint design is white with red and black accents. This has been known to add elegance to a bathroom and even add to the selling price.

Should Bedrooms Be Painting Light or Dark?

Bedrooms is one of those rooms that’s first to get changed in a house. When moving into a home the bedroom is where everyone wants to put their own personality. So most buyers don’t look too closely at the color of bedroom but the size. You will want to paint the bedrooms a light color making it feel more open. So lighter colors is key for bed rooms. If you want to give personality, stick to the blues and grays as they are restful. Green brings out a nature feel, yellows and light browns are warming. Stick with those colors. Don’t go too dark or it will make the bedroom feel small and will be a huge turn off for a buyer.

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You will be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint can do for you and the value of your home. Remember when picking out your colors to keep in mind good accent color as well. Bring to life your home and give it a personality that buyers will love. McKay’s Painting has a great deal of experience in repainting homes. We are happy to help you with your next project. Call us today!

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