Does Humidity Affect Exterior House Painting in Simi Valley, CA? Can You Paint Outside when it’s Windy & More

When you are ready to update the exterior paint on your home it is a fun time. Having a fresh coat of paint on your home not only can give your home a better curb appeal but it adds value to your property and helps protect your investment. The exterior paint is one of the first things that you see when you pull up to a home and most people want theirs to look nice. It is hard to know everything that goes into painting your home but one of the things that you need to look into is the weather. The weather can have a huge affect on the paint drying and curing. McKay’s Painting outlines some of the main ways that weather can affect your exterior paint and how it dries.

Is it OK to Paint a House in Direct Sunlight?

When you are working on a day that there is a lot of sun you need to try and paint in the shaded area of the home first and follow the sun around if you can. The area of the home that is in the direct sunlight can be 20 degrees hotter than the rest of the house that is in the shade. It may not seem like a big deal but it can affect the speed that the paint will dry. The area that is too hot will cause the paint to try and dry too quickly and that will cause it to bubble up and wrinkle. This is because the underside is drying faster than the top of the paint.

Is it OK to Paint Outside when it’s Windy?

The wind can work against you when you are trying to add a layer of new paint to your home. Just as it seems the wind will come by and when it does it usually has particles like dirt and dust that will easily stick to the wet paint and make the usual smooth finish look and feel gritty. It can also cause you trouble before you even begin. The dust and dirt that is kicked up can settle on your prepared surface that really needs to be clean and smooth.

How Long Should Exterior Paint Dry Before it Rains?

You obviously don’t want to start a paint job in the middle of a rain storm because the equipment that you are using should not be getting wet and the surfaces need to be dry but you also don’t want it to rain too soon after either. The fresh paint is susceptible to anything including rain. It can cause damage to the fresh paint and can slow the drying process way down too. Generally, your exterior paint should be able to handle some light rain within 2 to 4 hours. It depends on the humidity, temperature, and color. High humidity, low temperatures, and dark colors slow the drying process.

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