Does Exterior Paint Color Increase Home Value in Mira Monte, CA? Trending Colors to Add Curb Appeal & More

There are many things that can influence the value of your home. Common factors include size, modifications, location and historical significance. However, few know how much the color of the exterior impacts the value. Since they give potential buyers an idea of the quality and leave a good first impression, exterior paint colors can have a surprising effect on a home’s value. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss the exterior paints effect on the value of your home.

Trending Exterior Paint Colors

Trends change all the time when it comes to your home and painting trends are included. Various exterior paints that were popular the year before may just not be very sought after today. For example, back in 2016, yellow was a color that could have potentially raised the value of your home by $1,300, but it could lower your home’s value by $800 or more presently. It would be a better idea to stick with the paint colors that are currently trending, though of course, once-popular colors could make a comeback someday.

Exterior Paint Colors Can Add Curb Appeal

The color of the exterior paint can have a huge impact on the selling price since curb appeal is a big selling point for a home. Higher curb appeal will naturally make your home more valuable and certain paint colors can help. Your location and the colors of your neighboring homes are painted in may not complement it, even if the color you choose is trending. Potentially leading to your home having less value because it stands out too much, a powder blue home may not fit well in a locality where most homes have neutral color exteriors, for example. Picking a paint color that is both popular and complementary to your neighborhood and landscape is the best thing you can do. With the idea of why paint colors influence your home value, let’s see which colors you should consider, and which ones to avoid trying out for your home.

Best Exterior Paint Colors

Brown: With many landscapes and rarely ever clashes with other colors, brown is another common exterior paint color that blends nicely. one of the most popular colors of 2021 is chocolate brown and it goes well with warm accents like light grey or beige. It could give any home a nice bump in value since this color is trending.
White: It is simple and blends in with many other colors, making white the safest color you can pick. It can make it appear bigger and grander is one interesting effect that white paint can have on a home and pairing it with dark-colored trims for an elegant look.
Storm Grey: With any home design, this beautiful color goes well and would look amazing with white trims. This dark shade of grey fits well into most landscapes, similarly to brown. Storm grey is a color that can work well with minimalist contemporary home designs with contemporary becoming a major housing trend. Home buyers looking for a modern looking home would pay top dollar for this color.

What Colors Should I Not Paint the Exterior of My House?

Stay away from the loud, bold colors. Colors like hot pink and purple stand out too much and clash with surrounding colors. Though green is trending now, dark greens are not usually flattering, stick to light shades of green if you opt to go green. Black is ideal for doors perhaps, but not the primary paint for your exterior.

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