Does Adding Crown Molding Increase Home Value in Moorpark, CA? Do Baseboards Add Value & More

When you go into a room the first that sets a really great room from a plain room is the small details that are added to the room itself. This can come from some of the furniture and the décor but the backdrop of the room has a lot to do with the look and feel of a room. You can choose a very traditional color or a fun and exciting color for the rooms in your home and they can still come across plain to other people and even to you. There are several things that you can do to add flavor and detail to a room and get it to stand out from other rooms that are very similar in size, shape and color. We are talking about adding a beautiful crown molding and baseboard to each room. McKay’s Painting outlines how adding an upgraded baseboard and crown molding to a room can add some wonderful detail.

Crown Molding & Baseboard Can Go in Every Room

If you look around your home and you are happy with the décor itself and the furniture choices you have made and it still seems to be missing something you can add some details that will look great. The detail comes from installing crown molding and baseboards to your home. They each come in different sizes and styles from very ornate to smooth and streamline. They can also be found in different types of materials including plastic and wood. When you choose the style that you want you can pick from several different styles with different shaping and lines in it. The details that a simple or ornate crown molding brings to a room can set it apart and give it that last beautiful bit you were looking for.

Baseboards & Crown Molding Can Add a Break in Color

A room is usually painted with a color that you choose and the color will stop at the ceiling. The ceiling is usually painted white or another light accent color the majority of the time. When the line stops so abruptly it can leave the room looking like there are too many hard lines. When you add baseboards and crown molding to the room it helps with the change in color from the wall color to the ceiling color.

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