Do You Need to Wash Walls Before Interior Painting in Channel Islands Beach, CA? Wall Paint Preparation Tips

There are lots of homeowners that want to make a change in their home. They want to have something that makes a big impact but does not break the bank. One of the ways that you can do that is to add a new and fresh coat of paint on the walls. This is a great home improvement that you can do to a room in your home or you can do the whole house if you choose. There are lots of reasons that you might want to paint the walls in your house. You may have paint that is just not the color you want anymore, it might be cracking or there could be an upgrade that you want to make to your house. When you are ready to have the walls in your house painted you want to make sure that the walls have been cleaned. McKay’s Painting offers tips for how to clean the walls in your house before painting.

Dry Wiping Wall Preparation Before Painting

When you are ready to have the walls of your painted you want to look at the areas that are going to be painted. There is likely some of the walls that are messy and can have food, crayon, shoe marks and more on them. This mess is something you want to make sure has been cleaned off before the walls have any paint added. The first step you want to take is to do what is called a dry wipe. You can use a clean cloth that is dry and use it to wipe down the entire wall to knock off any of the debris that is just standing on top of the wall. This will help to not spread out the mess any further when you start to use a cleaning solution. You want to take more care on areas that you know you can see debris that might be built up. You may need to have a step stool on hand so that you can reach the higher parts of the wall.

Wash Walls Before Painting

Now that the larger pieces of debris have been removed from the walls you want to start to wash them. The washing of the walls should be done with a sponge, bucket of warm water and some mild dish soap. This step is where you will focus on the areas that have messes that will need to be cleaned properly. Your scrubbing solution and your sponge can be used on the walls to wash away the mess so that you have a good clean surface to work with. After you have done the washing be sure that you use a clean dry cloth to wipe down and remove the cleaning solution.

Check for Damage on Walls

Now that they are clean you may see areas that look like they are damaged. This can be cracks, holes or even mold that is growing on the wall. The cleaning is the best way to bring them all to light. It is best to have these things repaired before you have your walls painted by a professional.

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