Do I Need to Wash, Scrape Old Paint, Sand, Prime & Caulk Before Painting Exterior of House in Moorpark, CA?

You just moved into a home. You have been so excited to buy this house. You have so many ideas on what you want to change to make it feel more like your new home. What is a better place to start than with the first thing you see when you come home? Painting the outside of your house can really help it feel more like your home. When you have the color you like and the look you want, it can make it feel like yours. You may be wondering, what needs to be done to start prepping your home to be painted? McKay’s Painting wants to help you understand what prepping will need to be done before we can paint your house.

What Happens if You Don’t Pressure Wash Before Painting?

Before we start painting, we will need to pressure wash your home. Your house gets pretty dirty with wind, bugs and birds. If you don’t clean the surface of the house you want to paint, the paint will stick to the dirt instead of the house. This will prevent the paint from going on smooth. Not only will the paint not work as well, but the paint warranties won’t be honored. Next, your house should be completely dry before the painting begins. Primer, paint, and caulking do not stick well to damp surfaces.

Scrape Off Old Peeling Paint

Now that your house has been pressure washed, you will need to identify all the paint that is peeling away and scrape it from the surface of your house. This will allow you to have a cleaner look on your house. You will also want to repair any rotted or damaged sections of siding or trim. It is not wise to paint over any rotten or damaged part of the house. If everything is clean and fixed then you are closer to getting your house painted.

Sand & Clean Sanding Dust

The next thing that needs to happen is all of the surfaces need to be sanded. You will want your house to be smooth. Sanding can cause a lot of dust. That dust will need to be removed before we can actually paint. Remember you want a clean surface. Wiping the house down with rags, blow it off with an air compressor or even pressure wash it again will help remove the dust. Just remember that the house needs to dry if pressure washing happens again.

Prime, Caulk & Paint

After all those steps are complete then it is time to prime, caulk, and paint. Caulking will stop the water from getting into the structures and causing damage. You don’t want your home to get damaged because caulking did not happen. When all the prep work has been completed, now comes the fun part. McKays Painting will paint your house. They use the highest quality products for the best results.

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Your home is your escape from the world. Make your home a place you get excited to look at when you come home from work. McKay’s Painting wants to make that dream happen. Taking all these steps of preparation and painting will make your home look great and last a long time. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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