Do I Need to Prime Before Painting Walls in Westlake Village, CA? When is it Not Necessary?

Do I Need to Prime Before Painting Walls in Westlake Village, CA? When is it Not Necessary?

When you are looking to start upgrading your house a great place to start is the walls in the house. The walls in your house take on wear and tear much like the rest of the house. That is why they will need some updating with a fresh coat of paint. There is a lot that goes into painting the walls in your house. The paint that you choose has to be chosen based on several aspects. One happens to be the color that you were going for or a scheme that meets the design you want. The color is really only a part of the product because you want to also look at the finish that you want as well. Some paint has a matte finish that is flat all the way to a high gloss that is quite shiny. It is important to know what each are and what the pros and cons are. Once you are ready to have your home painted the preparation is important. You need to make sure any damage that is done to the walls is repaired so that the finish is clean and smooth. The preparation also includes taping off the areas that are not going to get paint on them. The other way that you want to prepare for paint on your walls is to prime the walls. This is a part of the process that people are not sure if they need or not.

McKay’s Painting Outlines when to Use Primer on the Walls

Is There Existing Paint on the Walls?: One of the ways you can judge if you need to have primer added to your walls before they are painted can be if the walls have paint on them already. If you have a wall that is made of drywall and has not been painted yet you want to make sure that you have it primed first. The drywall is like a sponge and will soak up your paint and that will leave an uneven finish on the walls. If you have a wood wall that is bare and has yet to be painted you also want to lay down a primer. This is because you want to make sure the wood does not soak the paint up either. The primer is a way to cover the exposed material so that is not able to soak up the color that you want to apply to the walls. If your walls have paint the primer may not be required.
Painting Over Dark Colors on Walls: Colors come and go with trends and some people use them. That means that when painting with black or red paint was really big, you may have gone all the way with it. Maybe you have a teen that chose their own color and it is a deep dark blue. Now that you want to paint over these walls and you want to move with the trend to a lighter option you may need to use a primer. These colors are ones that will and can bleed through the new color or have an impact on the final look of the new color. The primer will help to cover it so that the new color has a layer to dry on smoothly.
When Paint Primer is Not Necessary: When you are painting a room that is in good shape and the color that underneath is not dark you can paint over the top. The best way to know for sure that you are not in need of primer is to talk to a professional about what is needed and what you are expecting with the outcome.

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