Do Colors have a Psychological Effect on Us in Mission Hills, CA? Warm & Cool Paint Color Schemes & More

Our homes are our proud and joy. We love to decorate our homes with meticulous tender, love and care. Painting our rooms certain colors mostly accentuates our own tastes. What we don’t know how these colors affect us psychologically. McKay’s Painting would like to expound on the psychology of colors, and how they influence our moods.

What is the Importance of Colors to Your Daily Life?

Color can impact our moods and our emotional state of minds. You may have noticed occupying specific rooms in offices or homes has perhaps sparked irritation, or sometimes a feeling of calm and relaxation has washed over you. You may be surprised to learn that painted hues accenting the rooms are influencing your emotions. The two categories on how color may affect us psychologically, are classified into warm tones and cool tones. Warm tones consisting of reds, yellows and oranges can influence our emotions ranging from warmth and comfort, to anger and hatred. The cool tones may influence our emotions such as calmness or sadness and include blue, purple and green. If you are contemplating re-painting a room, perhaps consider the psychological impact it may play on your emotions, take the following into account.

What Effect Do Cool Colors Have?

Purple – Purple is the perfect balance of red and blue. It can inspire creativity and get the brain spinning. Lighter shades of purple is shown to relieve tension and instill peace.
Green – Green is a tranquil color emanating a peaceful calm feeling. Experts even suggest that the eye naturally falls onto the greens to relieve eye muscle strains.
Blue – Blues are highly recommended for rooms that are occupied regularly. Blue is restful and serene bestowing the body with lower blood pressure and respiration reduction. Bedrooms are a great choice for blues.

What Do Warm Colors Indicate?

Yellow and Orange – Yellow and oranges strongly arouse hunger. Yellows and oranges are often used in restaurants to enhance your appetite. Perhaps avoiding painting the kitchen or dining area these colors to avoid over indulging would be a better choice. They can also over stimulate the eyes, and cause irritation.
Red – Reds tend to spark energy and excitement. Perfect for the lucky homeowner who has a room dedicated for intense workouts.

How Does Color Affect Our Everyday Life?

Advertising companies have invested time and money to discover the influences colors play in the consumer’s emotional and psychological states. There are many suggestive benefits to using specific colors to expand on businesses. Finding the right colors for your business might help elevate your potential and to grant success. The following are colors that can spark emotions to help in deciding on the next color you choose for your home or business.
WHITE: Purity, Innocence, Sense of Space and Cleanliness, and Neutrality
BLACK: Evil, Power, Authority, Intelligence, Thinning or Slimming, and Death or Mourning
Gray: Practical, Timeless, and Neutral
RED: Warmth, Gentle, Love, Romance, Excitement, Energy, Comfort, Life, Intensity, and Blood
ORANGE: Warmth, Enthusiasm, Happy, Energetic, Wealth and Posterity, Change, Sophistication, and Stimulation
YELLOW: Laughter, Happiness, Warmth, Cheery, Optimism, Hunger, Intensity, Anger, Frustration, Attention-getting
GREEN: Money, Growth, Cool, Health, Envy, Calmness, Tranquility, Fertility, Harmony, Calmness
BLUE: Uncaring, Cold, Serenity, Calmness, Wisdom, Loyalty, Truth, Focused, Un-appetizing
PURPLE: Sophistication, Wealth, Royalty, Exotic, Spiritual, Mystery, Respect, Prosperity
BROWN: Friendship, Stability, Reliability, Comfort, Warmth, Sadness, Security, Organic, Natural,
PINK: Gentle, Romance, Love, Agitation, Calming

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