DIY Interior Paint Mistakes on Walls in Oak Park, CA; No Primer, Brush or Roller, Painters Tape & More

Painting the walls is an option to change and/or brighten a room and its the simple and cost-effective way. No matter if it is the same color or a different one, the dynamics and style of a room is instantly transformed with some paint. We at McKay’s Painting would like to share the common mistakes made during the DIY painting project, as there are quite a few mistakes that people make that can really impact the final outcome of the interior painting project.

Don’t Neglect Primer Paint for Walls

Primer is frequently skipped, as it is commonly perceived as a waste of time, effort, and money. Paint primer is designed to adhere paint to the wall among other qualities and is vital for painting most surfaces as there are many primers available such as masonry primary, wood primer, and drywall primer. When primer is proficiently used the paint’s color shines through, even with fewer coats. Ultimately, you save money in the long room, despite the upfront cost being a little more.

Inefficient Use of Painters Tape

You risk the quality of the painting project without painters’ tape, as most professional agree that painter’s tape is an essential tool. Painter’s tape is not designed for trim or making designs however. It can muck up the surrounding paint, so be sure to not leave it on for too long. After it is about dry and before the paint cures is a good time to remove.

How Much Paint Do I Need?

As a real inconvenience, not knowing how much paint is enough can be a hassle. For approximately every 400 square feet, a gallon of paint is needed. There are variables to consider that can dictate how much paint might be needed including if you used primer, the amount paints the wall absorbs, and how big the walls are. You save a lot of time planning ahead instead of making multiple trips to the store and waiting for the pros to mix your color simply by taking the time to calculate how much paint you need.

Paint Brush or Roller

When you are a new to painting your home, knowing the difference between the use of the brush and roller can make an impact. There are many tools at your disposal that can make the job easier. You will want to hit large surface walls with high-quality nap roller and with top-quality paint when it comes to the roller. Without using excessive force, simply roll the roller across the surface in a “W” pattern. Leaving behind blobs and streaks of paint, negating the soft texture the roller is designed to do, and wearing down the roller faster stems from pushing too hard as you paint. Chair rails, smaller areas, as well as around corners and trim is ideal for brush work.

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For the best results, be certain to allot plenty of time for your project. Call McKay’s Painting and let our qualified experts take care if the interior painting project for you if you are unable to spare enough time and if you want to ensure maximum outcome. With our expertise to deliver superior services, along with specialized equipment and advanced products contributes.

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