DIY Drywall Crack & Hole Patch Repair VS Hiring a Professional Dry Wall Contractor in Ventura CA for Drywall Hanging, Patching, Mudding, Texturing, Finishing & Painting

DIY Drywall Crack & Hole Patch Repair VS Hiring a Professional Dry Wall Contractor in Ventura CA for Drywall Hanging, Patching, Mudding, Texturing, Finishing & Painting

Home improvements seem endless. Once you get one job crossed off your list, two or three more take their place. Although some jobs can be fun and exciting, and give your home some exciting new changes, others can be boring and mundane but a must nonetheless. Drywall repair is among those. Sometimes, a ball gets thrown a little too hard or there are holes from hanging artwork. Perhaps even an angry tantrum from a frustrated teenager has put a hole in your wall. Repairing can appear simple enough, especially after watching the “How To..” video explaining the basics. However putting that study into practice can be a whole different story; especially with drywall patching. You want drywall repairs to be discreet and invisible, like they never even happened. That result is very unlikely to be achieved by the average homeowner!

McKay’s Painting would like to discuss the do it yourself route versus hiring a professional to repair the drywall in your home.

Tools & Material Needed to Repair Drywall

When taking on drywall repairs or replacement, specific tools are needed. Designed to specifically meet the needs of drywall, these correct tools need to be bought if you take on the job yourself.

Drywall Tools you need include:
• 3 ” Wide Flexible Knife
• 6″ Wide Flexible Knife
• 8″ Wide Flexible Knife
• Utility Knife
• Drills
• Screwdrivers
• Hammer
• Level
• Drywall Saw
• Hack Saw
• Hand Sander
• Nail Bar

Material needed:
– Drywall Sheet
– Drywall Compound
– Mesh
– Paper Tape
– Drywall Nails
– Drywall Screws
When hiring professionals to take on the task of drywall work, they will arrive with the needed tools and materials!

Drywall Repair Time

For the diy’er undertaking drywall repair, the time you can expect to invest is long hours, perhaps a greater portion of your day. From buying the needed tools and materials to performing the drywall preparation and finishing work itself. When a trained expert performs the service, their knowledge and skilled hands can complete the job in far less time. Not only is done quickly, but efficiently as well.

Drywall Heath Concerns, Risks & Hazards

Drywall is heavier than it looks. Lugging around a basic 1/2 inch sheet, that is the typical 4 feet by 8 feet weighs in over 50 pounds. For folks not used to manipulating awkward, heavy materials, can leave them with some aches and pains. The dust that naturally coincides with working with drywall can be a serious dilemma; particularly for children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues. Keeping the drywall dust contained is near impossible, as it easily infiltrates your HVAC system and circulates throughout your home. However, utilizing a professional’s training can minimize the spreading of drywall dust and spare the resident’s lungs.

Appearance of Finished Drywall Product

Those in the field know that perfecting the drywall mudding takes time, patience and skill to master the art of a smooth surface. Taking on the job yourself can leave you with a lumpy, uneven wall that will be an obvious eye sore.

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As mentioned before, the to do list is never ending. Allowing the professionals to take on your drywall and painting projects can help you use your time more wisely. Hiring a professional from McKay’s Painting comes with a benefits package. You not get their time, knowledge and experience. Our professionals have been masterfully trained, have accumulated years of experience, utilize professional grade tools, equipment and materials, along with their superior skills. For all your drywall repairs, painting and home improvement projects, call us today to schedule your next appointment!

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