Different Types of House Siding Installation in Casitas Springs, CA; Wood, Vinyl, Hardie Plank & More

The exterior of your house is an important part of the curb appeal, value and overall look of the property. If you love your house it is important that all areas of the house are cared for, treated, repaired and replaced when necessary. There are different finishes that are used on homes depending on many circumstances. Some builders use brick, while others use stucco and then there are those that use siding to name the most common. The type of finish that you have on your house creates a specific look and you want to make sure you know about the proper maintenance. Siding is a great option for many homes and offers a beautiful and timeless look. Siding is just the style that is being used but there are different types that you can choose from and it is a good idea to know what they each bring to the table. McKay’s Painting outlines different types of siding you can choose from.

Wood Siding

There are lots of options that exist when you choose siding for your home. Many people choose to use a material that is common to the area that they live or what the neighborhood is using. One siding material that is used is wood or cedar wood planks. This is a great option to use on any home and one of the major benefits is that the wood is a long lasting option. The only way to ensure that your wood lasts is to make sure that it is cared for and protected. This means that you need to have it repainted or sealed when needed which is usually by the seventh year. The best thing you can do is to make sure that the siding is checked for signs of wear and damage. Wood & Cedar planks are a great option for any home as well because you can paint the siding to fit just about any design idea.

Vinyl Siding

Wood is a great option but it might not be in the budget or the style that you want. Another option that you can use on your home is vinyl siding. This is an option that exists that is very good at withstanding the elements. It is only good as long as it has been installed properly and securely. The water can get in behind the planks and that will cause moisture to build up and cause some mold and mildew growth. The benefit to vinyl planks is that they can come in many shades and sizes to get you the final product that you want. They can be installed on any home to bring out the best characteristics of the home.

Hardie Plank Siding

A very common and sought after siding option is to go with a Hardie Board. This is a product that was created by a man name James Hardie. He used a cement and fiberglass mixture to create a siding option that looks similar by wood. This option stands up very well to weather and other elements and is a long lasting and durable siding option.

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