Difference Between Ceiling & Wall Paint in Carpinteria, CA & Why a White, Flat Finish is Best

Difference Between Ceiling & Wall Paint in Carpinteria, CA & Why a White, Flat Finish is Best

Painting your house is a big job. When you have to paint the ceilings, it makes the job that much harder. When you are getting ready to paint your ceiling, you want to know you are doing it right so you don’t have to do it again any time soon. McKay’s Painting is here to talk all about ceiling paint and what you need to know before you get started on this big project.

Difference Between Ceiling & Wall Paint

There are a few differences between ceiling paint and the paint you would normally use on your walls.
Higher Paint Viscosity: When paint has a higher viscosity, it means that it is thicker and less likely to have problems with drips. Painting your ceiling can be a mess when you consider the dripping problems. These drips also look bad and are difficult to fix if you don’t notice them before the paint dries. Ceiling paint is designed to drip less.
Hides Water Stains Better: There are a couple rooms in your house that have problems with stains on the ceiling like the bathroom and the kitchen. Wall paint doesn’t do a good job of hiding these stains. The benefit of using thicker, ceiling paint is the ability it has to hide any unsightly stains that are on your ceiling.

Should Ceiling Paint Always be Flat & White?

Most people will choose white paint for their ceilings or a color that is neutral and very close to white. However, some designers will try to make a statement in the space by painting the ceiling a different color. When your ceiling is painted white, it often allows the eyes to make their way upward and make the room feel much larger than if you choose darker colors for the ceiling. Any finish other than flat is usually discouraged for your ceiling. You don’t want the ceiling to detract from the other design choices in the room. Any finish other than flat will be much more visible on your ceiling than it is on the walls.

Is Ceiling Paint Worth It?

In the end, when you think about the task at hand with painting your ceiling, purchasing ceiling paint to help the process go smoother is worth it. When it comes to your house, going the extra mile will always pay off. Your end result will be beautiful and you will be glad you bought the right product to get the job done. Your results will be seamless.

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Painting your ceilings is a big job. If you don’t have the time or the energy to put into a job like that, you can depend on the painting specialists at McKay’s Painting to deliver. With our training and experience, we have the ability to get your ceiling painting quickly and beautifully. With our attention to detail, you will be more than happy you chose us. Call us today!

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