Deck Dry Wood Rot Signs in Oak Park, CA; Rotting or Discolored Wood, Mold, Bubbling or Chipping Paint & More

Wood rot can be a major problem, one that can cause injuries or worse. Repairing wood rot is essential as soon as the signs appear to ensure the safety of the household and the integrity of the home. Detecting or determining wood rot isn’t always easy and at times wood rot may go unnoticed. McKay’s Painting would like to share what to look for when inspecting for wood rot and what to do if wood rot is found in or around your home.

What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot, or also referred to as dry rot, occur when a combination of conditions are present. Conditions such as the right temperatures, oxygen, and moisture oftentimes create a fungi that can eat the wood. In the warmer, humid climate here in California, the perfect conditions for wood rot to occur exists. This fungi created by the perfect combination of natural elements can quickly spread and begin decaying the wood rapidly. Even so, wood rot can be prevented with proper maintenance.

What are the First Signs of Dry Rot?

There are a number of symptoms of wood rot you can look for. One is very soft or brittle wood. When wood crumbles when touching it, you have a clear sign that the wood has rotted. Another sign of rotted wood is when the wood develops a powdery residue on the wood’s surface. This residue is tiny particles of the wood that is breaking away from the wood. Mold is another common companion of wood rot. The fungi that is wood rot will often support the development of mold especially when there is a lot of water present. When it begins to rot, wood will also become discolored which can be hard to detect when the wood has been painted. However, when painted wood develops rot, often the paint will chip off or bubble up.

Where Does Wood Rot Occur?

Wood rot can occur anywhere. However, it is not always visible which makes it hard to detect. Wood rot often develops underneath siding or on the underside of wood. Because wood rot typically begins on the side not exposed it can be hard to see. This is why it is important to inspect your wood features around your home for wood rot once a year or so. Some of the prime areas where wood rot occur is on:
• Window Sills
• Exterior Trim
• Soffits
• Exterior Doors, Thresholds and Frames
• Wooden Deck, Pergola, and Gazebos
• Garage Door Framing/Trim
• Wood that is Close to the Ground

Danger of Rotting Wood

One of the major dangers of wood rot is weak wood that can cause injury or death. Another major concern is termites. Termites are draw to wood that is rotting. It is much easier for termites to chew and forage on wood rot. Once termites invade a home they can destroy much of the wooden structure and other wooden features inside a home.

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