Creative Crown Molding Trim Install Ideas & Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA

Creative Crown Molding Trim Install Ideas & Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA

Crown molding is a great way to add a little bit of elegance to any room in your home. One major benefit of crown molding is all the different ways or styles that can be used to create the feel and atmosphere of the room. With so many options you can have crown molding for any style or theme to fit your taste. McKay’s Painting will share some creative crown molding ideas and see if one of will fit your home design, style, or theme.

DIY Plaster Crown Molding

One idea for crown molding is to use a plaster for your own custom idea with your design. You can pick from many different types of plaster molding. However as plaster crown molding is more versatile, it can be a bit more pricey, especially on the more plaster or elaborate moldings used to create your preferred texture or design.

3 Piece Crown Molding Installation

For a classic Shaker-style there is a simple three piece crown molding that adds layer and basic style. It is cheap and easy to install. Any type of material can be used to create this style of crown molding. Additionally, natural for a rustic look can be used or even painted for a slicker cleaner look to fit about any style as well. For those looking for a little bit of dimension to a room or to break up the flatness on the wall, a three piece crown molding is a great way to achieve more dimensions to any room.

Crown Molding with Lighting Effects

Another great idea, especially for homes with really tall ceilings is to have a two piece lighted crown molding. Typically the bottom piece of the crown molding is the one that has the light mounted on it. When using lighted crown molding, it is best to use a soft light molding that has a lighter hue to help keep the atmosphere less abrasive. For homes with taller ceilings the night and make a home feel dark and closed in. By using lighted crown molding, it will help to light up your entire home and keep a warm, inviting feel to your home.

Flexible Molding for Arches & Curves

Most people with rooms in the home that have a curve often think crown molding is not an option. However this is not the case. Rooms with curved walls still can have crown molding. There is a flexible polyurethane material used in these cases. Due to the flexibility it can form to any shape. This type of molding is also great for curved window seals and keep the molding or trim the same so the molding or trim work can match. Additionally this type of molding can be painted to fit your design preferences.

Hollow Crown Molding Track for Running Wires

For homes with a wired speaker system, cable lines, or exposed cords throughout their home, hollow crown molding track is a great way to hide those wires and still give your home a clean and beautiful look. This type of crown molding gives your home a great look as well as function. You can feed all of the cranky cords and wires into the molding where it will not be seen. This is a great way to keep your home orderly and clean.

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There are so many ways crown molding can be used to help improve the home’s look and feel. These are but a few ways crown molding can be used in your home. If any one of these types of crown molding can fit your home, McKay’s Painting can help install crown molding as one of our many services. If you find you need help installing crown molding, repainting or any other of our many services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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