Corporate Business Office Paint Colors, Design & Decorating Ideas in Westlake Village, CA

Corporate Business Office Paint Colors, Design & Decorating Ideas in Westlake Village, CA

There is a lot a business owner must think about when running a successful company. Often they are not thinking about paint. However, the way the office looks can have an effect on your business. The more clean the office looks, the more it can help productivity and customer retention. When picking paint, there are a few considerations other than color you will want to know about to help ensure your office stays looking clean and orderly. McKay’s Painting will share the top four considerations when choosing paint for your office or commercial building.

How to Choose what Kind of Paint to Use

If your business or office has a lot of foot traffic, you will want to choose a durable type of paint that can withstand the high traffic. For painting walls, it is recommended you use a high quality semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss is easy to keep clean. Other paints that are more flat contain more pores which can lead to chipping or bubbling paint. Semi-gloss can also hide imperfections in the wall, which can help make the office look clean and better kept. If you host business meetings with clients it is important that your walls look clean. Cheap paint reveals flaws and develop bubbling and chipping. To help ensure your office stays looking amazing it is recommended you use a semi-gloss paint.

Keep House & Apartment Walls Clean

As stated previously, you will want to keep the walls clean. Some paint will wash away over time and areas that require frequent cleaning should use a durable paint. However, if walls are kept clean and spills or stains are cleaned as they occur, this can prevent paint erosion. If you leave dirt, stains or smudges to be cleaned later, then more scrubbing is involved. To put it bluntly, scrubbing is bad for any type of paint. If you want to ensure your walls stay looking clean and prevent unsightly damage to the paint, make sure you clean the walls as stains occur. Additionally, avoid using chemicals. Most stains should be removed by water.

Maintain Touch Up Paint

Touch ups eventually are a must. Touch ups are tricky since paint slowly loses water over time. This means the color will never match up. As touch ups are needed do it quickly to maintain the wall’s color. It your touch up paint is over five years old, consider repainting your walls. Touch up becomes impossible when paint ages and can be difficult to match the same color. This is why offices and commercial buildings should consider repainting their walls every five years to maintain the wall and keep the office looking clean and well kept.

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If you want your office building to look perfect then use a professional painting contractor to handle your painting, repainting and touch ups. We can better maintain the wall, trim and other surfaces. We can also help you find which paint suits your business and its needs. If your office or commercial business need professional painting services, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide many service that can ensure your business looks clean and professional. Contact McKay’s Painting to schedule our services today!

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