Cool & Warm Paint Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger, Brighter & More Inviting in Goleta, CA

Cool & Warm Paint Colors to Make a Room Look Bigger, Brighter & More Inviting in Goleta, CA

When you are ready to take on a home project a great place to start is the canvas of your home. The main part of the canvas of your home are the walls. The walls and the color of them are a huge part of the look of the home and that is why you should take time in choosing the right paint. The color that you choose really is chosen with what you want to accomplish. There are arrays of color that each have a story to tell. Once you have a great fresh color on the walls you can start to really bring the room together. Before you are stuck on a particular set of colors it is important to decide if you want cool tones or warm tones. They are really the two main types and they are what will give feeling to the space.

Cool VS Warm Paint Coors in Interior Design

Cool Paint Colors: If you choose cool colors they are the ones that will remind you of water, ice and even grass. These are all things that feel cool and when you paint your home these colors it will often open the space and even make it feel expanded. They are not the colors that you want to have in your home if you are looking to have a warm look to a particular space.
Warm Paint Colors: Another area of color that you can choose from are warmer colors. These are colors that will remind you of the sun and fire. When you are in a room that has these warmer tones you will more invited and more comfortable. It makes a space have a cozy feel and makes you feel happy to be there. The warmer colors are a great option for a home that is looking to invite some comfort in the space.

McKay’s Painting Outlines what Paint Colors Will Offer an Inviting Look to Your Space

Warm Yellow Paint Color: The first color that you can choose to show off an inviting space are the yellows. You don’t have to splash the bright yellow on the walls but even choosing a subtle yellow is a great way to go. Many people are choosing to use a soft butter yellow which is gentle enough but it will still give you that inviting and warming feeling.
Shades of Orange Paint: You can also go a little further into the warm tones by using an orange toned color for your home. The oranges are what is in fire and when it is in the wall it will bring the warmness into the room as well. You can look into the darker and more burnt oranges or even the soft orange if you don’t want to go too bold.
Tones of Brown Paint Color: You also can choose to use browns that are a part of the warm tones. They are the earth and when you think of the warm ground under your feet you feel comfortable and invited. You can go with browns that are dark and deep or even the tans that many people love.

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