Components & Formula of Paint in Camarillo, CA; Best Interior & Exterior for Painting

Components & Formula of Paint in Camarillo, CA; Best Interior & Exterior for Painting

One of the hardest decisions to make when painting your home, inside or out, is the color. A very important decision to decide on right from the start is to use only top-quality paint. It is totally worth it to use a good quality paint regardless of cost. You need to do some homework because price alone does not determine if a specific paint brand or type is the right one for the job.

Components of Paint

Paint is made up of different components. The pigments in paint are finely ground particles and they give the paint opacity and the ability to cover the surface the paint is being applied to. The resins in paint work to hold the colorants and pigments in place after the paint has dried. Additives in paint are chemicals that are added to the paint and will affect resistance to mildew among other things and the solvents in paint are there to help get the paint for the brush to the wall. Solvents will evaporate as the paint dries.

Best Exterior House Paint Types

Paint on the exterior is under constant stress because it’s exposed to the elements such as extreme weather. Some top quality paints are so much better than they were a decade ago. It’s more durable and less likely to fade and crack. Testing is done to figure out which exterior paints are best and will stand up to the weather conditions. There are qualities that good exterior paints have. They have more solids; that means pigments and resins and lower quality paints have fewer solvents. They also have more additives that works to improve the application and protective qualities. 100% acrylic paint is the best quality of paint you can use for the exterior of your home. When you buy the best quality paint, you’ll get the best results and results that are durable. If you opt for cheaper paint, it may only last for three to four years. Better quality paint will last for ten years of more.

Acrylic Latex Interior Paint

100% acrylic latex paint is best for interior jobs and are worth the extra cost. It’s better than the cheaper options because the resins are higher quality and will help them grip to the surface. It will also cover the color underneath with fewer coats and it’s resistant to splatter during application. Roller and brush marks are unnoticeable because the flow of application is smoother and it’s more resistant to stains. It’s also easier to clean up because it’s scrub-resistant and won’t damage the paint. Further, it won’t get shiny after it’s scrubbed, making touchups are less noticeable and it’s more resistant to marks being left behind after they are placed on it. Acrylic paint is more resistant to mildew and fading and it also won’t stick like other paint which is good around windows that need to be opened.

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While cheap paint is better for your wallet, it won’t save you money in the end. “You get what you pay for” is totally applicable to purchasing paint because cheaper paint means cheaper quality. Top-quality paint guarantees the paint job will look great and will last a long time, which means you won’t have to repaint sooner than expected; saving you money! If you’re looking for the best paint and the best painters, give McKay’s Painting a call for a consultation.

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