Common DIY Painting Mistakes in Santa Maria, CA; Neglecting Wall Preparation & More

DIY painting is one of the most common home improvement projects. For those who like doing their own painting project and then find the finished result isn’t what you hoped for, often it was because of missed step or something left out that could have helped provide better results. McKay’s Painting would like to help you get the results you are hoping for by sharing some of the biggest DIY mistakes.

Neglecting Wall Preparation Before Painting

Many people are so excited to begin painting that they forget to skip proper preparation. When beginning a paint project, a lot of prep work is needed to prevent a major mess and ensure great results. Before painting interior or exterior walls, any minor imperfections such as nail holes, divots, and other minor dings should be repaired and the walls properly patched up. Next, the wall should be cleaned. Dust can completely ruin a painting project. The walls should be wiped down with a damp cloth first. The edges should then be taped off, and furniture and floor covered. With proper preparation, you can have better results and less of a mess to clean later.

Using Cheap Paint Brushes, Rollers & Tools

Many people will try to repaint their home as cheaply as possible. To help save a few dollars many will buy cheaper painting brushes, rollers, and paint . You can see the quality of the project in the material and paint you buy. By using a good quality roller, such as a dense foam roller, the paint can be applied more evenly and with less trips to the painting tray. A synthetic bristled paint brush also helps fill in the edges and repaints trim without leaving noticeable streaks. Never buy the cheapest paint either. They don’t last long and often take more coats of paint to look even.

Painting Without Primer

Many people will skip priming their walls before painting. In some cases, skipping the primer won’t affect the finished results. However, the primer plays a vital role that helps the overall project. The primer protects the surface that is being painted from mold and other water damages. The primer also help the paint to adhere to the wall and prolongs the life of the paint. When painting in moist areas, such as bathroom or laundry rooms, always prime the walls first. When a surface is being painted for the first time, always prime the surface thoroughly first.

Using the Wrong Paint

There are latex and oil based paints that have different types of sheen. Understanding what the sheens are and where to use oil based or latex paint can help provide the expected results. When painting over an oil based paint with a latex paint, the latex paint won’t adhere to the wall. In order to use a latex paint on top of an oil-based paint, you will need to prime the wall first. Avoid certain paint sheens in higher traffic areas as some don’t clean as easily.

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A lot goes into painting the inside and the outside of home and the various surfaces. When needing your home repainted, and you want professional results, avoid these common DIY mistakes. For quality painting services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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