Commercial Painting; New Paint for Brand Identity of Your Company in Thousand Oaks, CA

Commercial Painting; New Paint for Brand Identity of Your Company in Thousand Oaks, CA

When you open a business or change up your company image often you will want to have the business locations repainted to match. Retail centers, restaurants, service providers all have buildings where they operate their business. The color outside and inside can help brand your company’s image which helps customers and clients remember your business. For example, when you think of Best Buy you will immediately think of the yellow and blue. When you want to create an image for your company, color matters. McKay’s Painting will share how painting the inside and outside of your business buildings help brand and create an image for your business.

Logo & Building Combinations

What does the business or company logo or website design have to do with your business image? When painting your office, restaurant, or retail center you will want the website and logo design to work with the outside and inside paint colors. If you sit and think about the major companies, both their website and company logo colors are worked with or into the paint design of the business locations. This is not saying you have to use the same colors as your logo in the building. However, if you have a company logo that is yellow with black letters, then use a complementary color like blue. If you have bright pink or red in a logo you most certainly don’t want to use it as a primary color within the building. Avoid bright or blinding color as the primary color. However to help tie the logo color with the paint design of the building, you can use those colors as accent colors.

Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings

Depending on the nature of your company you will often have a service or business area where the customers and clients will wait, shop, or be serviced. You might also have an employee area such as offices, rest rooms, break rooms or storage areas. You will want to paint your company’s color for clients and customers. However, you don’t have to have the entire building painted in your companies colors. For employees or staff areas you can use other colors that are better suited for a productive environment. White with accent colors, light greens, blues and grays are good color choices for employee work areas and often don’t interfere with your company’s image or brand.

Tips to Choose Paint Colors for Your Business Premises

When design your company’s logo and over all color scheme, you will want to make sure to do your research. Again, you may not want to use the same colors found in the company logo, but you will want to find a complementary color(s) that can be used for both the outside and inside of your building as well as your website. Using the same colors for your building and website helps create a strong image of your company. Consistency is essential when building your company’s brand or image.

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If you are opening a new business or are changing the image of your company and need painting services, McKay’s Painting provides quality commercial painting services. We paint exterior and interior surfaces and can help create your company’s image. For professional painting service contact McKay’s Painting today.

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