Color Psychology in the Workplace & Office Paint Colors for Productivity in Summerland, CA

Color Psychology in the Workplace & Office Paint Colors for Productivity in Summerland, CA

It has proven over and over again that there is an associate psychology to how color influences people’s mood, and it is no different in the workplace. When employees are generally happy, productivity stays high, increasing revenue for your business. There is a plethora of resources at your disposal to increase the ideal mood at work. A subtle approach is to paint the interior in colors that will positively impact your employee’s as well as your clients or customer’s mood. Some colors can create hostility, irritability, and hunger where others can offer more calming, serene and happy feelings. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to relate the colors commonly used and how they influence your employee’s demeanor.

Paint Colors that Motivate You & Increase Productivity

Blue: Blue eases stress found at work. Demanding jobs can create a lot of stress among the crew, some peace and a dose of serenity and tranquility can be offered and the customers can also feel the lessened edginess. Opt to paint the interior blue for a nice calming effect to neutralize the chaos and anxious. At the least, paint the break rooms or the designated relaxing areas where employees can regroup, blue.
Green: Green is connected to encouraging broader creativity and thinking; leading to higher productivity. Boardrooms and work areas should be painted green to elicit the creative juices flowing towards innovating thinking.
Orange: According to expert studies, a good value is often associated with orange. Use orange as an accent color to communicate to your customers that your product or service is not only the right price.
Red: Red should be avoided in the work place because it is linked to aggressions, anger, and even untidiness. The heart rate and blood pressure can also increase with bolder reds. To prevent your work place from becoming a place of conflict and hostility stay clear of primary reds. However, red as accent, minimally, can b useful if the workplace involves physical activity.
Yellow: To really provide the workplace with a burst of positive vibes, use yellow as it sparks happy feelings and nurtures idea thinking, and brings energy as well as optimism. Because too much yellow stimulates hunger and feelings of anger, it is best used as an accent color.
Additional Information: It was discovered that color can also affect men and women differently according to a study performed by the University of Texas. For example, in men offices painted oranges and purples would trigger sadness and the same moods affected women with white and beige office spaces.

Paint Colors for Focus & Concentration

The interior paint to be in shades of blue and green to increase focus and efficiency among them can contribute to employees keeping on tasks to meet deadlines. When the staff has to put in long hours where blue is a stabilizing color, green is optimal as it doesn’t cause eye fatigue and contributes to the calmness. Keep in mind, however, that darker tones of greens and blues can induce feelings of sadness.

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Painting your business can be challenging; between creating an optimal environment for your employees and balancing it out with the right mood for your customers as well. At McKay’s Painting, our specialists can help you achieve the perfect color scheme that will maximize revenue with a productive staff and enthusiastic customers. Call McKay’s Painting today to get started!

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