How to Clean House & Apartment Wall Stains Fast Without Damaging Oil Based, Latex, Flat or Other Paint in Santa Barbara, CA

How to Clean House & Apartment Wall Stains Fast Without Damaging Oil Based, Latex, Flat or Other Paint in Santa Barbara, CA

When you have picked out the perfect shade for your walls, you want to make sure you keep it that way as well as keep them clean. When cleaning painted walls, you can easily damage the paint by not taking the right steps and using the wrong cleaners. Depending on the type of paint you use on your walls, you will need to use different methods to clean them. The professional painters at McKay’s Painting are here to talk about what you should and should not use to clean your painted walls to avoid damaging them.

Use the Right Tools to Wash & Clean Painted Walls

It doesn’t matter what kind of paint is on your walls, you need to use the right tools when cleaning them. You should never choose a sponge with a rough or scrub-like surface to clean your painted walls. This type of sponge will do nothing but scrape the paint right off your walls rather than clean the blemishes found there. You should always use a soft, wet sponge when cleaning marks and dirt from your walls.

How to Clean Walls Without Removing Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is a very sturdy and durable paint. Because of this, you don’t have to be as careful as you do when cleaning other types of painted walls. It is perfectly acceptable to use a mild degreaser to clean the walls which might come in handy in the kitchen especially. It is important that you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions located on the bottle before using any cleaning product or degreaser on your walls.

How to Wash Latex Painted Walls

There are a couple of resources you can use to safely clean walls that have been painted with latex paint. The first one includes a bucket filled halfway with water and three or four drops of mild dish soap. You can also use a mixture of one gallon warm water mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar. Both of these mixtures are completely safe to get rid of any marks or dirt found on your walls.

Use the Right Amount of Water to Clean Painted Walls

When you are cleaning your walls, you don’t want to use too much water. Make sure the sponge you are using is wet, but that the excess water has been rung out of the sponge before scrubbing. If there is excess water, you will more than likely have streaks of water running down the walls. This leaves unsightly lines on your walls, and they don’t look clean when you are finished. You also want to be aware of excess water when working near or around light sockets and electric plug outlets. Excess water can pose a safety risk in these areas.

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If your walls have sustained some damage when undergoing the cleaning process, you may to touch them up with a new coat of paint to fix them. McKay’s Painting offers specialized painters that will leave your walls with an outstanding finish. You will see no signs of damage after we get through repainting your walls. Call us today!

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