Choosing Exterior House Paint Colors in Burbank, CA: Architecture, Landscape & Neutral Paint Color Schemes

When you decide it is time to repaint the outside of your home, you may want to change things up a bit and use a new color palette. When repainting your home’s exterior there is a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right color of paint. The color of the home can greatly enhance the look of the property. However, some color palettes can also completely ruin the entire look of the home. To ensure repainting your home’s exterior is a success, McKay’s Painting will share a few tips on picking the right color for your home. There are number of different elements to consider when deciding on your home’s next color scheme. Most people will focus on the basics such as the colors they find appealing and what makes for good accent colors. However, there is much more to consider than simply attractive colors.

Architecture Paint Color Palette

When selecting a color for your home, consider your home’s architectural design. Modern designed homes don’t look great with rustic or older style themes. Modern designed homes look best with grays or blues but not so much in cremes, whites, or browns. However, older homes with vintage or more classic designs look better with the more neutral colors. When you are looking at colors, make sure to consider your home’s architectural design and what will work well with its design.

Garden & Landscape Color Schemes

Another major element to consider is your home’s surrounding and landscaping. California homes are found with a wide variety of landscaping designs. Some homes will have a desert style landscaping while others will have trees, lawn and an abundant of plants. For super lush landscapes, with lots of greenery, you will want to pick colors that help the home pop out. The same can be said for a desert landscape. You can use colors that can help make the home and the yard look more attractive. When choosing a color to paint your home, make sure to also consider the landscape and the home’s surroundings.

Best Neutral Paint Colors

If you simply want to repaint your home and want to improve its look but you don’t necessarily care too much about the color of the home, then it is always safe to go with the neutral colors.
• Whites with Bold Accents: You can also paint the home white and incorporate bold colors for the accents. You can paint the doors, door frames, window frames and other accent features with just about any bold color.
• Light Blues: Another color that falls under neutral color are the light blues such as “harbor Haze” which provides a soft blue tint to the home and looks great in both desert landscape or lush green landscapes. The soft blue will pop in both environments and look best on older or transitional style homes.
• Green and Grays: Another great choice is a soft gray with light green accents. Some homes with unique architectural features look amazing with a soft gray color and green accents.

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There are many amazing painting options you can do when repainting your home’s exterior. When deciding on you color palette for your home and need help painting your exterior or interior, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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