Chemical Formula of Paint Components in Toro Canyon, CA; Pigments, Binders, Diluents & More

Have you ever wondered just what’s in that paint you’re slapping on the wall? Most people don’t, but the truth is, we should know a little about what’s in it to know the difference between a high-quality paint and a low-quality paint. McKay’s Painting outlines the ingredients in paint.

House Paint Pigments

Pigments are what gives paint its color. These particles provide the coverage to paint and can be natural or synthetic. There are pigments that can be toxic, like lead. This really isn’t much too worry about today as lead has been banned from paint since 1978. Today’s paints are made with titanium dioxide instead. This is the ingredient that provides coverage, more so in lighter colors of paint.

Paint Binder Definition

Binders are needed to attach pigments to a surface. There are both synthetic and natural resins that start in liquid form like the paint we know and then dries to become a solid film. The binders in paint will determine the adhesion, sheen, stain resistance and durability of the paint you use.

Diluent Paint Thinner

Diluent, or the liquid is evaporated after applying the paint to create the solid film that you’ll end up with after applying paint. The diluent in waterborne paint is, you guessed it, water. Oil-based paints require additional expertise and care and are therefore less convenient. Oil-based paints are being used less and less as they contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can be harmful to the environment. Lower concentrations of diluents are found in premium quality paints. They also have higher concentrations of binders and pigments too. Lower-quality paints are thinner as they have been “watered down”.

Types of Paint Additives

Additives can be found in higher-quality paints because they can provide additional benefits. Additives can include mildewcides and preservatives that can prevent the growth of mildew and improve the flow, drying, and viscosity of paint.

Most Homes Built Before 1978 have Lead Paint

As mentioned earlier, homes built before 1978 likely contain lead-based paint. These paints will become disturbed when your home is prepared for new paint. Dust is created during the sanding and scraping process and can become harmful to those that come into contact with it. Dust is the most common way people and pets are exposed to lead. Lead exposure can affect children’s brain development and nervous systems. This can lead to learning disabilities and/or behavioral problems. For adults, high levels of lead can lead to high blood pressure and hypertension. It’s very important to hire professionals to reduce the harmful side effects that can come when dealing with lead-based paints.

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The adage that “you get what you pay for” is a true when it comes to the paint you decide to buy. Higher-quality paints usually have better binders and pigments, less diluent, and more enhancing additives than lower-quality paint. You will also get a smoother application, better coverage and greater stain-resistance. That means they are easier to clean and have a richer color too. Do you have questions about paint? Contact the paint professionals at McKay’s Painting to get the answers you’re looking for. Give us a call today!

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