Checklist for Exterior Painting Work in Summerland, CA; Preparing Wood Roof Trim & More

Checklist for Exterior Painting Work in Summerland, CA; Preparing Wood Roof Trim & More

When your home needs to be repainted to help protect the various surfaces of your home’s exterior, or you need to give your home a makeover, you will want to make sure you are ready. There are many types of surfaces on the exterior of a home. To have a beautiful and clean looking home, you will want to make sure you properly go through and paint each surface. McKay’s Painting will share a check list as well as how to paint and prepare the various surface materials found on most home exteriors.

Preparing Wood Roof Trim & Fascia for Painting

The wood trim that hangs down from the roof is essential to your roof’s structure. Often the protective paint dries and cracks which make the home look aged. During an exterior painting protect, the fascia or the trim should be repainted. However, never paint over old paint that is peeling, or splitting. You will need to remove the old paint. Start by stripping and removing the old paint. You may even need to it sand down. Removing the dried out decaying wood and replace it. Once the wood trim is clean you can begin painting it.

Repainting Exterior Door & Window Trim

Other accent trim work such as window trim and door trim should also be stripped, then sanded before repainting. By sanding and removing the old paint you give the trim a fresher and cleaner look. This also helps find any imperfections that need repair in the trim. While you are working around the door and window trim, look for gaps around the edges of the framing. This would be the perfect time to reseal before repainting.

Tips for Painting Siding

Homes that have siding should also be painted. Siding comes in many types of material and most don’t need extra prep work. However, if the siding is wood, once again strip the old finish and sand before repainting. Concrete or fiber glass siding material shouldn’t require extra steps and can be repainted directly over the original finish.

Pressure Wash for Paint Prep

Stucco home’s exterior walls don’t usually require any major prep work. You will need to wash the walls and remove all of the dirt. Often professionals will use a pressure washing machine and wash the entire exterior of the house. In order for the paint to stick to the wall and without causing bubbling or dirty looking paint, all of the dirt and debris will need to be washed off. Once the exterior walls are washed and dry, they can be painted. Professionals often prefer to use a paint spray versus a roller for exterior walls for two reasons. One is that it is more efficient and the other is it goes on cleaner. Due to the rougher surfaces of exterior walls, the sprayer provides a much cleaner coat of paint.

Painting Doors & Shutters

When painting the exterior of your home, don’t omit the doors, including garage doors, and any other exterior accents like shutters. You can read many articles on painting doors and how to create a dramatic entrance to your home. Like the rest of your home, the door and other accents will also need to be cleaned. Wooden materials should be stripped, sanded and refinished for a new and very clean finish.

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