Causes & Repair of Alligator Cracking Paint in Port Hueneme, CA; Poor Surface Preparation & More

When paint begins to crack, it often demands new paint and even additional work to properly repair the wall. When paint cracks, it makes the home look old and weathered even with newer paint. There are a number of reasons that can cause paint to crack. When paint cracks many people often want to get to the bottom of the problem in hope to repair and prevent their paint from cracking in the future. McKay’s Painting will share some of the common culprits that causes paint to crack.

Poor Paint Surface Preparation

When painting your home, it is essential to properly prepare the walls for paint. Depending on the wall’s condition, some walls may demand washing, sanding, stripping and repairing of holes and dents. If even the most basic of steps are skipped, such as wiping down the wall to remove dust, it can completely ruin the entire paint job. If dust, or loose or previous peeling or cracked paint isn’t properly removed, it will interfere with the paint adhesion. Proper preparation of the wall is essential. If fresh paint cracks and/or peels, it is often due to poor preparation.

Paint Mixing Ratio

When painting the walls in the home, it is important to put on the proper amount of paint. Too little or too much paint can lead to cracks fairly early after painting. When painting, the proper technique is to use thin layers of paint, thereby often requiring two to three layers for full coverage.

Low Quality Paint

When attempting to save money on a painting project, one of the most common mistakes is buying low quality paint. Investing in cheap paint, you can expect low quality results. Cheap paint will tend to wipe away, peel or crack easier and faster. When planning a painting project invest time in researching paint brands, sheen and finishes. Each varies in durability and longevity.

Painting On Wet Paint

Another common mistake during a painting project is painting the next layer of paint on top of wet paint. Paint must be completely dry before painting each additional coat. Often the result of painting on wet paint causes the paint to crack.

Old Separated Paint

Paints have their own lifespan depending on the brand and quality of the paint. One of the most common signs of old paint is when it begins to peel, crack or chip. When it has been five years or longer, cracks are expected to develop. When cracks do occur, be sure to sand the cracks off and possibility strip off the old paint.

Weathering Paint

Depending on the painted surface, often other factors can affect the paint. Exterior paint is exposed to weather and can develop cracks due to humidity or surface damages. The types of surface also can contribute to the paint condition.

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When painting the home inside or outside it is essential to properly prepare the surface for paint. Use quality paint and use proper painting techniques. When wanting your home painted to ensure beautiful results, seek out professional painting services. McKay’s Painting provide interior and exterior painting services and more. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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