Causes of Drywall Damage in Hope Ranch, CA; Repairs for Small Nail Pops, Picture Holes & More

Causes of Drywall Damage in Hope Ranch, CA; Repairs for Small Nail Pops, Picture Holes & More

Now that the craze of the holiday season is over most people are getting their home back in order and cleaned up. This is often the time that people start to notice their walls don’t look as great as they thought. There are usually new dents and dings that should be repaired. When this occurs and you are not happy with the look of your walls you should have the drywall repaired and new texture and paint applied. The walls in your home are not indestructible and sometimes even the smallest bump can cause damage. Now throw in the mix a house full of people that live there and are moving about on a daily basis. The top causes of drywall damage might even surprise you.

McKay’s Painting Offers A List Of Causes Of Drywall Damage To Your Homes Interior Walls.

Nail Pops: This is a very common problem you might find in the walls of your home. When the home is being built or remodeled the nails are supposed to be placed in the center of each board or joist. When the nail is not in the center of the board it can and often will start to pop out of the wood. The problem is that the nail is in the wood then covered with texture and painted over. When the nail starts to back out of the wood it will cause a bubble on the surface of the wall. The texture can break off and the top of the nail can show. If you just add texture and repair the spot the nail can continue to come back out. You need to move the nail out of the space that it is in then make the drywall repair.
Picture Nail Holes: This is another common problem that people come across. We all want to get in our home and decorate it so that it feels like a place you want to live. That means hanging paintings as well as pictures and shelves on the walls. While the items are hung on the walls there is no problem but when you take the items off now you are staring at tiny holes from the nails and hooks. When you are ready to take the décor down and start over you will need to have the drywall repaired before.
Large Drywall Holes: These are not something that is caused by one specific kind of issue but can happen. If you have a rowdy child that is jumping around the house they can fall into a wall. With that amount of pressure the drywall can cave in causing a large hole. Another reason that a large hole can exist is when you are moving a large piece of furniture and it tips over. Whatever the reason that a large holes gets there it is important to have them patched and repaired.

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