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Why is Painting the Exterior of a House or Business Storefront in Santa Paula, CA Important?

During our in depth consultation, you can dictate the custom painting options, confirm starting dates and duration of the process. Our experts at McKay’s Painting will outline the process and answer any questions you have. Our professionals have been masterfully trained and certified, along with possessing all necessary licenses and credentials to give our valued…

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House Painting Glossary in Simi Valley, CA; From Baseboards to Orange Peel & Pressure Washing

In an effort to extend our customer service, McKay’s Painting has compiled a glossary of terms and phrases frequented in the painting industry for our commercial and residential customers. House Painting Terms & Definitions Baseboards: A narrow wooden board running along the bottom of an interior wall. Commercial painting: Painting exterior or interior walls of…

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Is there a Trick to Painting Stucco in Port Hueneme, CA? Clean Before Applying Paint & More

A popular interior and exterior finish for homes is stucco, which is created by layering a cement and plaster compound, leaving it with a rough appearance. Stucco is rather low maintenance when compared to other options. The stuccos appearance diminishes, like all finishes, over time with normal wear and tear. Deciding to improve the appearance…

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